Tues, July 7, Theatre In The (Fisher Heights) Park

Famed Ottawa theatre company, A Company of Fools, will be coming to Fisher Heights Park (31 Sutton Place) on Tuesday, July 7 to perform William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. The show starts at 7pm.


Show Info:

When two sets of identical twins separated at birth are brought to the same town by circumstance, mistaken identities abound!  The Fools’ first foray into full length works saw us produce The Comedy of Errors as our inaugural piece.  Now, twenty-five years later, we wpid-screenshot-2015-05-25-10.58.13.png.pngwant to tackle it again and see if we’ve learnt anything, what more we can say with this well-loved piece and celebrate how our style has grown and matured over a quarter or a century.  Set against the backdrop of Ottawa parks, this touring outdoor show will encourage the audience to partake in a Where’s Waldo-esque array of colour and hustle-bustle, challenging the notion of truly knowing one’s friend, spouse, neighbour and self.  Full of slapstick, word play, romance and rhyme, this rollicking comical romp is one of Shakespeare’s most delightful works – fun for the whole family!


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Fitness for Ages 50+ at Fisher Heights

Our next regular session of Fitness with Ruth will begin the first week of July.  Register soon – only a few spots left!

This class is run by the City and designed specifically for active, older adults.  It features muscle toning, cardiovascular conditioning and some flexibility training. Options for making the exercises easier or more difficult will be given during each class.

The class runs one hour a week for  8 weeks, at a cost $45.50 (with a 10% discount for those over 65).   It is offered on two different days at Fisher Heights Community Place, 31 Sutton.  You can register for one day or both.

Tuesdays: July 7-Aug 25, 9-10 am – Course #965011

Thursdays: July 9-Aug 27, 9-10 am – Course #965012

Register either:

Online at www.ottawa.ca and look for “Class and activity registration”

Touch-tone Telephone  registration system: 613-580-2588

In person – because there is no City staff at our community building, phone Keri at 613-226-2208 ext. 222 for further information about registering in person.

[ Note that the “Better Strength, Better Balance” classes will not take place in July and August, but will resume in the Fall.  Watch for more news! ]

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Councillor Egli to Host Eleanor Park Play Structure Grand Opening

untitled-20Join Councillor Egli and members of the community today between 3-5pm for the grand opening celebration of the Eleanor Park climbing structure.

It was a long and difficult task to have the structure added to our park, but in the end it arrive and the neighbourhood kids love it!

See you all there!

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Burris Lane Road Closure June 15-19

6croE5nEiWe received word from the City yesterday that Burris Lane will be closed next week  from June 15 – 19 (Monday to Friday) due to construction.

The closure is required to complete work taking place at 1450-1454 Merivale Road. The sanitary, storm and watermains are located in the intersection of Burris Lane and Merivale Road.  The closure is necessary to ensure both traffic and personnel safety. Lane reductions can also be expected on Merivale Rd. during off-peak hours and if required, weekends after 10:00PM.

No signs will be posted in advance for the closure of Burris. The City would not request them for this closure, as it is a non-arterial, low volume road (volume being based on overall traffic on the transportation network in the City of Ottawa).

One of the two pedestrian sidewalks will be maintained on Burris as well as one of the pedestrian crossings at the Burris/Merivale signalized intersection.

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Community Garage Sale This Saturday!

Garage sale imageAs you bring out the patio chairs, dust off the barbecue, and toss the kids’ toys onto the yard, are you finding that your garages and basements are still full of things you no longer use? Do you have things taking up valuable storage space that you haven’t used in years, but they’re too good to be considered junk and thrown out?

Free your home of the things you no longer use and give them a new lease on life by participating in the community garage sale this Saturday, June 13. The Association has advertised the sale in newspapers and online so shoppers will be flooding our streets looking for great deals.

Never held a garage sale before? Never fear, we’ve got 9 tips to help you prepare for the sale this weekend:

1. Place Large Items In Front

You have about 3 seconds as a car drives by to make a good first impression. Either they will stop or they will keep on driving. By placing all your large awesome items out front, you are telling the driver/shopper that you have awesome stuff and lots of it.

2. Have A Free Pile

Place a large well-marked “free pile” right out front. The lure of something free will get almost any driver to stop. Also, people feel bad stopping and just taking something for free. They will typically find something to buy so they don’t feel bad for just taking the free stuff.

3. Join Forces

To have a really successful garage sale you need to have lots of stuff. The more stuff you have sitting out, the better your chances that people will pull over and shop. Ask extended family members to add items to the sale.

4. Price To Sell

Having a garage sale is the last-ditch effort to make some cash on stuff you are probably going to donate. If it doesn’t sell, you will get nothing for it, so price it low! A quarter is better than getting nothing and just donating it to goodwill. If you are wanting to make big bucks off your stuff and sell it for what it’s worth, list it on ebay or craigslist. Garage sales are for just getting rid of the crap already!

5. Price tag Everything

If you want your stuff to sell, put a price tag on it! Most people won’t ask how much something is. They will just set it back down and move on. If you want to sell it, stick a price tag on it. It takes extra time and energy to price everything, but it is worth it.

6. Keep Your Space Organized

Organization is key when hosting a garage sale. As people shop, corral items closer together. Move shelves closer to the front of the garage as you run out of items. Keep your area clean and tidy.

7. Use Bags To Contain Sets

Plastic bags are a garage sale hosts best friend. I used gallon-size zip-loc bags to keep items with multiple pieces together. For extra large items I used ikea bags and reusable grocery sacks that were clearly labeled with a black sharpie. All the large bagged items sold within an hour!

8. Display Like Items Together

The harder you try to keep like items together, the more you will sell. Have an area for bags, kids stuff, kitchen stuff, home decor, books, furniture, clothes and shoes.

9. Clearly Label Everything

If the price tag on the item wasn’t obvious enough, use tan painters tape and a sharpie to label items even more clearly. Label bags with the contents of the bag and label baskets if everything in the basket was the same price.

(Source: www.houseofhepworths.com)

We hope this helps… happy selling!


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Community Garage Sale Registration Ends June 4

7-garage-saleThe date for the annual community garage sale is set for Saturday, June 13, however you must register by June 4 if you’d like your garage sale to be promoted through the area map. Please call Margaret Mcpherson at (613) 723-0169 if you would like to register but are not yet a Community Association member. If you are a current Association member, then you can simply call the Association phone number at (613) 226-9627, and leave a message with your name, address and phone number.

Please note that it is now past the deadline to mail your membership forms, so all payments must be arranged with Margaret and made in person.

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Cyclists Came Together This Weekend

This weekend we held our 2nd annual Bike Rodeo at Fisher Heights Park, and if you missed it, then read on to see all of the highlights and photos of the day.

bike rodeoIt was a cool but perfect day on Saturday for neighbourhood velo lovers, as cyclists of all ages made their way to the park to share their love of cycling.

Visitors were given free safety gear including new bells and reflective straps by member of the Safer Roads Ottawa program; a City action plan promoting road safety in an effort to make Ottawa’s streets the safest around for commuters of all types.

From there, children participated in fun road safety training drills that included learning proper signalling techniques, and enjoyed smoothies made from cycling power.

One of the most popular stops on the day was the tune-up station, where cyclists lined up to receive free bike tune-ups generously donated by Cycle Salvation. Cycle Salvation is a tremendous enterprise that provides employment to people who are economically disadvantaged by training them as bike mechanics; and it also repairs and resells bikes that may otherwise be destined for landfill.

But the highlight of the day was the decorated bike parade, where young cyclists from all over the neighbourhood showed off their creative velo love.

We’d like to thank all the volunteers and organizations who donated their expertise and time to make the Bike Rodeo a huge success. Without you, these events would not be possible. We’d also like to thank everyone who attended on Saturday. It is such a pleasure to see so many smiling faces come together.


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