Sign up for the Fisher Heights & Area CA Annual General Meeting: Tuesday November 24th at 7:30 pm

It won’t surprise you: we will have our AGM on line this year. As our membership runs from September 1, and most members renew at the AGM, the board has decided that everyone’s membership will be extended until December 31 in order to be able to vote.

This allows everyone who was a member last year to vote at the AGM. FYI: we have about 240 members, a quorum requires 5% or 12 people at the AGM.

This year our chairs remain empty

Short meeting

We are going to keep the meeting as short as possible as many of you are already sitting behind monitors for the most part of the work day. But we have at least the President’s report, the financial overview of this year by the Treasurer and annual elections for the new board. Seven members have already indicated to remain in the board during these unprecedented times, so operations can easily continue. Joel will step down as president after two years in this position.

Guest speaker: Keith Egli

As guest speaker, we will have our councillor, Keith Egli. In order to vote and to have an idea of the number of people participating, we would like to ask you to sign up for the Zoom call.

Paying your membership

In the mean time, we have enabled electronic money transfer, to make it easy for you in the future to renew your membership. Simply send an email via your on line banking account to It will be automatically deposited in our bank account.

Sign up for the virtual AGM today

It is very unfortunate that we had to resort to this: our AGM is always a great moment to catch up with our neighbours. But it is what it is this year. Sign up for the on line AGM here: 2020 AGM FHACA sign up sheet: here

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An 8 km loop across the Farm without using busy roads

Experimental Farm Pathway

This week, we are going to take a look at how to get to the Farm in this nearly 8 kilometre loop. Despite being so close to the Farm, it is not easy to get there due to the large arterial roads surrounding us. However, there is a safe route to get to the Experimental Farm Pathway. Today we are going to show you how. As usual we are going to start at our community centre on 31 Sutton Place. See map below the article.

Getting out of Fisher Heights

We are heading north for a bit to get to Kayburn. We turn into Eleanor Dr to Burris Lane. Cross Merivale into the Loblaws parking lot. Cross the parking lot carefully towards the north west order, where Starbucks is. From there walk/ cycle up a sidewalk to the lights at the Walmart entrance. On the right of the Walmart is a path that connects to the Central Park neighbourhood.

Central Park

Turn left into Scout St and follow it to Alphabet Park (play structure) and then pass the park to Clyde, north of Merivale near Maitland. Go north on Clyde until you see a path going into the green space. Follow the path, but pay attention to where you go. It is easy to take a wrong turn and you end up in another neighbourhood.

Experimental Pathway

This path is the Experimental Pathway. If you turn left, you can go all the way to Lincoln Fields and the Ottawa river pathways and even as far as Kanata, all on pathways.

But we turn right, and we will end up at Merivale Rd (north of Baseline). Cross at the lights at Merivale again, go straight on the Farm pathway towards Fisher. You will end up next to the Turnbull School on Fisher.

Fisher Ave

Pathway along Fisher towards Baseline

Although Fisher has a bike lane which is quite comfortable to cycle on, it is OK (legal too) that kids on smaller bikes can cycle on the paved pathway that runs separate from the road on the west side (see photo).

Now you are arriving at Baseline. Cross Baseline at Fisher and dip right into the parking lot at the strip mall with the Lone Star Grill. Take the shortcut in the red brick fence. From there it is an easy ride back to the Community Centre. Done. Eight kilometres in the pocket!

If you want to walk it, count on about 1.5 to 1 3/4 hrs.

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A Short Bike Ride for the Thanksgiving Weekend

If you are looking for something to do with the (grand)kids, here is a tip to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend weather. The forecast is still a bit iffy and changing, but it looks like we will have at least some sun eventually.

Go outside

How about a modest bike ride? We noticed a number of you started to cycle (again?) in our neighbourhood and you might be ready to explore a bit further. We put a short route together, just over 9 km. You could even walk it in about two hours.

Route description

Start at our community centre on Sutton Place (or anywhere on the loop really, that is so cool of loops, they are endless..:-)

We’ll start at the community centre, roll down through Fisher Heights to Meadowlands to cross the road into Inverness. Turning right, we will find General Burns Park already at the end of the street. We bike further south, cross Nepean Creek via a fairly new bridge. We’ll make a loop on the multi use pathway around the Ravines Senior Suites and we might want to stop at the new play structures or just enjoy a rest on the benches. The nearby stormwater ponds are teaming with life. Spot a few birds while you are there.

We’ll continue along Nepean Creek and turn right at the T-intersection of the two pathways. Here we hook up with the Nepean Trail that leads us via Grant Carman Drive’s bike lanes and the new pathway behind Movati back into Fisher Heights.


Pay extra attention at the Meadowlands intersection with the Nepean Trail.

Halfway the Nepean Trail you can cross the creek again and check out the allotment gardens on Viewmount.

The several malls, the library and -with a short detour- even the Minigolf Gardens are easily accessible from Grant Carman.

It goes without saying that kids wear helmets and everyone knows the hand signals for stop, left and right.

Here is the map in Google Maps

Let us know what you think. We couldn’t upload the GPX file (security issues) but do email us at if you need that file for Garmin, Komoot etc.

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Long Park Tennis Club in Fisher Heights saw increased interest

Long Park Tennis Club has enjoyed a successful season in spite of the COVID-19 virus. Or maybe because of it–after a few months of lockdown, people itching to get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather decided tennis was one of their safest choices.

We opened May 19 for all those who were members last season. The club executive decided not to change the gate key to the courts as we do each year and offered free memberships to those who already had a key (2019 members). Not having to register physically avoided issues of contact.

Many requests

We soon had many requests from people wanting to join the club for the first time or were returning after not having played for a couple of years. We set up a system where they were able to register by e-mail and e-transfer the fees. They picked up their gate keys in an envelope and taped to a screen door. It wasn’t elegant but it avoided contact.

Excellent instructors

Two excellent certified instructors, Jeff Sadrian and Javier Ruano Valdez, gave more than 250 hours of private and semi-private lessons at the courts to players of all levels and ages. We hope they will be back next summer to work their magic.

The courts will remain open and the nets up until the end of October, weather permitting. Let’s hope we have lots of sunny, warm tennis days until then.

Long Park Tennis Club Executive
Margaret McPherson
Earl Brown
Adrian Lungu
Cheryl Clarke

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A pocket map of connected multi use pathways inside the Greenbelt

lady on trike
A safe and connected cycling network makes all the difference in promoting cycling in our city.

There has been a serious uptick in cycling. We have seen many more Fisher Heights residents taking to a bike to get some much needed exercise, do something with the kids or simply to get out of the house and get some alone time.

Fisher Heights resident ‘Hans on the Bike’ decided this spring that he wanted to put a map together showing all the safe multi use pathways that are connected. This allows you to put your own route together, without having to cycle on roads much.

Sometimes we don’t even realise where all those paths are“, says Hans, “and how they connect with each other“. Because there is not much of a wayfinding network, Hans created a network based on nodes.

A node based network

In his native Netherlands, the nodes are numbered, both on the map and on small signs on the road, but since we don’t have the signs, Hans decided to name the nodes after nearby landmarks.

He tested the map on social media and got very positive feedback. As he doesn’t like to stop himself and unfold an enormous map at every intersection, he decided to try to keep the map simple and stylized. He also wanted it to fit on 8.5″ x 11″ so everyone can print it out at work at home or reasonably check it on a cell phone.

With another week of gorgeous weather coming up, we thought we should share the map so that you can go and explore yourself.

How to connect to Ottawa’s cycling network

The easiest and safest way from Fisher Heights and area to connect to the multi use pathway network is to cycle north on Fisher (on that narrow path on the west side of Fisher or the bike lane on the east side) towards McCooey lane or to bike down Dynes and connect with the canal or Rideau River at Hog’s Back Falls. Once you are on the network, a world of casual cycling (and ice cream shops, beer, pizza and beautiful vistas) opens up to you.

The Ottawa Multi use pathway map.

Email Hans on the Bike on for a PDF version.

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Fisher Heights Newsletter For June 2020

As life is slowly booting up again, we are delivering you this newsletter. We always presented a paper copy but to make sure our volunteer delivers are staying safe, we decided to deliver the newsletter by electronic mail instead.

Let us know what you think. Should we continue delivering by electronic mail or aim to go back to paper? We should mention that the newsletter cost us around 800 dollars per issue and we happily spend that, but if a large majority decided that we should deliver by email and social media we can discuss that too.

Here is the latest newsletter in PDF: Newsletter June 2020

Happy summer in the backyard, support local businesses and go for a bike ride in the hood to admire the gardens.

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Watch for Pedestrians and Children in our Streets

Children at Fisher Heights: please drive with care

We are fortunate that Fisher Heights and Area is generally a very quiet neighbourhood. Many of us have access to spacious backyards to spend time outside. Unlike our fellow citizens downtown who often live in dense quarters, we can go out for walks in our streets, even though we have few side walks.

Kids in the streets

Keeping our distance is probably the most important aspect in our current lives to avoid spreading of COVID-19. This means that we sometimes have to veer into the street to pass each other.

You have probably also noticed more residents on bicycles going by, looking for a bit of exercise or resetting the mind, encouraged by Dr Etches advice to go outside. Many more kids are outside cycling too and we have seen them making great progress over the last two weeks already.

Maximum speed is 40 km/h

Our neighbourhood has a maximum speed of 40 km/h. While car traffic is down considerably (when is the last time you got gas?), traffic does go through our hood. We observed that services such as Purolator have a tendency to put the pedal to the metal being under time pressure (even deliveries on Sundays) and having empty roads ahead of them.

Keep an eye on your speed

We also have to make sure that we adhere to maximum speeds ourselves, with more pedestrians and kids on our roads. Especially kids can pop out of nowhere sometimes. The roads belong to everyone after all. Please keep an eye on your speed when you drive away, it is so easy to go faster in our streets now the snow and ice are gone.

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Local Restaurant Business Open for Take Out and Deliveries

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

But how? Many stores are closed but many of our restaurants have turned to take out and/or third party delivery services.

Keith Egli’s staff has assembled a list with Ward 9 places that are open for (take out) business in these unprecedented times. The list is available on a shared Google Drive, so that staff can update it on the fly while you will always have the latest update.

Check back regularly as names might be added. Remember if you save the file on your local computer/tablet/smart phone you won’t have the most up to date one, so do save the link instead.

Here is the link: local restaurants that are open (you will be surprised how many restaurants we have in the ward).

Do not hesitate to contact Ward 9 staff is you see a mistake or if your restaurant is missing:

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Neighbours Helping Neighbours

Time and again officials have been telling us that we don’t need to worry about food supply. But eventually, we need to go out and get some food or perhaps medication. Living in one of Canada’s electoral districts with a high average age, we will have elderly in our community who prefer to avoid all contact for the next few weeks.

Let us know if you need help to buy groceries, pick up prescriptions or need assistance. Your neighbours are here to help. Send us a message or email and we will send out an email to our volunteers to see if someone can help you. Make sure you include your first name, last name, phone number and address.

Did you know: the hamster can stuff a quarter of its body weight in its cheeks:

Instacard home delivery

Loblaws teamed up with and supplies groceries in Nepean (just checked this am): click here for more info.

These are unprecedented times for our communities. Make sure you check on your vulnerable neighbours, but keep your distance of 2-3 meters as you don’t want to spread the virus. That would be counter productive.

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Ward Size Review On Its Way

As you know, our city is divided in 23 wards. Every ward is represented by a ward councillor, in our case Keith Egli. However, as our population grows, some wards have many more residents then others: West-Carleton ward has less then 26,000 residents, Barrhaven has over 61,000 residents, making the Barrhaven voice count less. Our ward 9 has just under 40,000 residents, which is in the middle of the pack.

Consultations are coming up. Here is a link to the process and a list with dates for the open houses. The closest for us is:

Tuesday, March 10 – 7:30 to 9:30 pm
Ben Franklin Place, Atrium Half Chamber End and The Chamber, 101 Centrepointe Drive

If you would like to take the survey, start here.

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