Community Rummage Sale Sat. April 23

Community Rummage Sale

The 2016 Indoor Rummage Sale will take place on Saturday, April 23rd at 9AM – noon, at the Community Building, 31 Sutton Place. Get an early start on Spring cleaning by selling your stuff. The Association will promote and advertise this event throughout the City. Coffee and treats will be available for purchase.

Rent one or two six foot tables for $12.00 each and do your own selling. To reserve a table please mail your cheque, payable to FHACA to our mailbox at 31 Sutton Place, Ottawa K2E 5G4 and remember to include your name, address, email address and telephone number.

Or drop the above information with a cheque or cash into the house mailbox of Margaret McPherson at 13 Eleanor Drive.

No tables will be reserved without payment.  When your payment is received you will be contacted by phone or email to confirm your registration. Nearer to the date of the sale you will receive your table number and instructions.

Please note that table spaces were sold early last year, so don’t wait too long to reserve. For further information call Margaret at 613-723-0169.

Not Enough for you own table? The Association will have a “Community table” with proceeds going to the Community Association. If you only have a few items to sell, please consider donating them to this table. Contact Bob McCaw at 613-224-1682 or

 Student Volunteers needed for Rummage Sale

High School students needing volunteer hours can help out at the Rummage Sale on April 23rd from 7:45AM – 8:45AM to help sellers set up and from noon until 1 p.m. to help with clean up.   Please contact Margaret McPherson at 613-723-0169 or email
Bob.FHACA Students should bring the necessary forms for completion on the day of the sale.

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Long Park Tennis Club Spring Registration Begins Apr 15

long park tennis clubBelieve it or not, we are already two weeks into the Spring season. With weather still dipping below zero more days than not it can be difficult for us to think of Springtime activities such as gardening, walking and running, golf, and tennis… yes tennis!

However, we’re not letting a few cold days stop us from the things we love in our community. It’s time to start thinking about getting outside and stretching our wings, and with that said, Spring Registration for Long Park Tennis Club will take place at the Clubhouse on Friday, April 15th from 7 – 8PM and Saturday, April 16th fro, 11AM – noon, and again on Saturday, April 23rd from 11AM – noon.

Membership Fees for the 2016 Season:

  • Family $80.00
  • Single Adult $58.00
  • Junior (18 years and under) $32.00
  • New members must also pay a $10.00 Gate key deposit

Previous members should bring their last year’s key to be renewed at no charge. For information, please call Cheryl at 613-226-2369.

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Minto, Eleanor Park, & Community Collaboration

Last month we reported on a new, small enclosed dog run, built by Minto Properties, in the south-west corner of Eleanor Park.  We raised questions related to such private use of public land.  In subsequent discussions with the City it became clear that the City considered the dog run an asset, and would allow it to remain in place, subject to some changes to put it in compliance with City regulations.

Meanwhile, direct discussions between the Community Association and Minto staff are leading to a new and closer relationship with Minto.  Up to now, we have not had access to Minto apartments and townhomes for delivery of our newsletter.  Beginning with this edition, our newsletter will be delivered to all Minto residents on Eleanor Drive and Northview. In fact, Minto has offered to print the copies that will go to its renters (saving us well over $100 per issue) and to use Minto staff to deliver the copies in their buildings.  Many thanks to Kira Simper of Minto Properties for these initiatives.  The FHACA looks forward to longer-term collaboration with Minto, for example in encouraging the City to develop the recreational potential in Eleanor Park, for the benefit of all local residents.  We expect that the information we have gathered through our survey on park use will provide a basis for this.


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Park Survey Results

Thank you once again for completing our park survey. This feedback will help the Association determine the priority needs within our parks, as they relate to you… the user. Below are the results from our two most important questions as they relate to you, they are: How does your household use our parks? and, What additions would you like for our parks?

It’s likely not surprising that the primary reasons residents visit our parks is to attend events, followed by relaxing and exercising, as seen in question 4 below.


Question 5 asks what additions would be most desirable, and again the results are not surprising – picnic tables, benches, and more trees.


The Parks Committee will continue to look at the data and survey more residents as the days grow warmer. The end goal is to present a plan at this fall’s Annual General Meeting that the Association can use to help the City understand which park improvements are most highly desired by the residents of our community.

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Your Say On New Cycling & Walking Pathways

shared pathway

The city is currently asking for public comments on a proposed cycling and pedestrian pathway that will pass through the western side of our community. The goal of the “Nepean Trail” is to link together some existing cycling paths, and provide an alternative to cycling on busy Merivale Rd.  Of particular interest is a shared walking/cycling path behind Meadowlands Mall and Emerald Plaza, extending northward from Meadowlands at Grant Carman, connecting to the top of Beaver Ridge (and possibly also Birchwood). This has potential to provide a welcome shortcut from Beaver Ridge to the library and the stores along Merivale.

The City’s concept includes a shared-use bike lane along our residential streets to connect with Baseline Rd and the Experimental Farm. Your views could have a big influence on the specific routes, timing, and other specifics of this project.  The City says, “Feedback is needed for this project on the type of cycling facilities proposed and on where the priority should be for allocating the budget envelope for this project.”

Deadline for comments to the City is March 29. Full details of the proposal are on the City’s Nepean Trail Functional Planning Study site.




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Last Weekend for Good Skating at Fisher Heights

Come and enjoy the last few days of skating at our local rink !!

The community rink at Fisher Heights Park (31 Sutton Pl) will be officially closed for the season as of Tuesday, March 7.  That is, the last day the skate change room will be open is this Monday.

The forecast is for an extended period of warm weather, with daytime highs between +5 and +10 degrees Celsius, which will make maintenance of the ice surface impossible.  (In order to flood the ice and keep it smooth, overnight temperatures have to be lower than -5 degrees.  Beginning Monday, this is not expected to occur for the next two weeks.)

A big thank you from the Association to volunteer Ken Harten, who organizes the operation of the rink each year, as well as to Ryan Van den Berg, our ice-maker, and all the teens who have acted as rink attendants this year.


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Izzy Doll Workshop Recap

Article by: Vi Macnaughton

The morning of 15 February was exceptionally cold, but all participants save one made it to the Fisher Heights Community Place, where the Arts & Crafts Circle held its Izzy Doll Workshop. We got settled, supplies were pulled out of bags and cups of coffee fetched from the kitchen. Instructor Vi Macnaughton talked a bit about the Izzy Doll web site where you can look up additional information, showed examples of dolls at various stages of construction and distributed printed instructions.

Picture 1: First things first. Before starting, everyone is busy reading instructions.

Picture 1: First things first. Before starting, everyone is busy reading instructions.

If you happen to have odds and ends of yarn that have accumulated over the years, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to use them up. A little yarn goes a long way, and your left-over yarns that have been languishing in various drawers will be transformed into a finished product that is sure to bring smiles on the faces of the recipients. Otherwise, any store selling craft supplies will have suitable yarns.

Picture 2: Vivian’s jumble of bits and pieces of yarn left over from various knitting projects, perfect for the dolls.

Picture 2: Vivian’s jumble of bits and pieces of yarn left over from various knitting projects, perfect for the dolls.

The pattern for the knitted Izzy Doll is very simple. It is knitted mostly in the form of a rectangle, with different colors of yarn representing shoes, pants, sweater, face and hat. Beyond that, the knitter is free to exercise her creative talents to add additional decorative touches such as hair, fancier hats or unusual color combinations.


Picture 3: The shoes are knitted first. Here the rows for the shoes (black) are done and the pants (light green) half done.

Picture 3: The shoes are knitted first. Here the rows for the shoes (black) are done and the pants (light green) half done.

Everyone was working at their own pace and making steady progress. Most were experienced knitters, but in fact the level of knitting experience does not matter, as the dolls are not complex to make. These small dolls can be a good first project for beginning knitters. Among the confident knitters, two of the workshop participants were remarkably fast. Joy was actually able to finish her doll during the workshop in just under two hours, and her mother was not far behind. See the two pictures below.

Picture 4: Here the knitted rectangle of the body is finished, with stitches reduced at the top of the head.

Picture 4: Here the knitted rectangle of the body is finished, with stitches reduced at the top of the head.

Picture 5: Another Izzy Doll is complete.

Picture 5: Another Izzy Doll is complete.

These knitted dolls are suitable for all skill levels. They are small in size but have big personalities, and they will all look different even if everyone is working off the same set of instructions.

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