We Love Block Parties!

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If You’re Interested In Organizing A Block Party For Your Street, The Fisher Heights and Area Community Association Can Help

From time to time each summer, we hear of one or another street in the community having a block party, and what fun was had by those attending.

On May 18, for example, the residents of Cedarcrest Drive and Commanche Drive gathered for their 4th annual block party on Cedarcrest. “It started when two of us who had recently moved to the neighbourhood thought it would be a good idea to have a party to get to know the neighbours better,” says one of the organizers, Carolyn Perkins. “The idea took off, we ended up getting a permit to shut down the street, and the rest is history.”

Perkins says the event didn’t take a huge amount of planning, and that she had plenty of help. “We start planning in April, and our planning meetings are almost as much fun as the block party. This year, we decided to raise money for Nelson House, and The Lodge and the Fisher Heights and Area Community Association also sponsored us.”

“We did not do a count but there seemed to be a lot of children! We have games for the children, a BBQ, a pinata, and fireworks. Everyone brings food to share.”

The Fisher Heights and Area Community Association wants to encourage other block parties throughout the neighbourhood, and is prepared to support organizers of block parties by sharing in the expenses. Just provide us the following, at least a month ahead of the event :

  • The proposed date, times, and location of the block party, and a brief description of what you plan.
  • An indication of the exact boundaries, stating that all residents on that section of the street will be invited.
  • Confirmation that you have applied to the city for a permit to close the street. You must apply more than one month in advance.  Here are the city by-laws governing special events, and here are the by-laws specifically governing residential block parties.

Provided we have given you a prior commitment to support your event, and you submit receipts after it is held, the Association will contribute 50 per cent of your cost up to a maximum contribution of $100. Anyone interested is asked to contact either Bob McCaw at Bob.FHACA@bell.net or Sandra Walker at snaderella@hotmail.com well in advance of your date.

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