Ottawa Islamic School Expansion Begins


(Updated December 4, 2014)

The Ottawa Islamic School officially launched its building expansion on Monday Nov. 3 with a brief ceremony. In attendance representing the Association were Bob McCaw and Doug Yonson. The construction involves an extension to the main two-storey wing of the building (closest to Fisher Heights Community Place) and will include a two-storey gymnasium, science labs, computer rooms, and study space. It will not result in any increase in enrollment.

The new labs will be a welcome addition to the school because at present, the students must attend other school labs to fulfil their science curriculum. The gym will also be a nice addition, and will finally enable the school to host it’s own home games. At the moment, all games played by the school’s basketball team, which is also the 2013-2014 city champion, are played at their opponents’ venues.

Construction plans and schedules were also clarified at the ceremony. The work to be completed this fall includes the installation of all utilities, the most disruptive of which will be the extension of city water mains from both Sutton Place and Coral Avenue to service a new fire hydrant that will be installed near the new building. That phase of the work is currently under way and has required the closing of a short stretch of Sutton Place.

Work on the building’s exterior, including its foundation, is to begin in the spring of 2015, and extend until the fall. Beginning in the spring of 2016, the interior finishing and fit-ups, and all landscaping, will be performed and the building is scheduled to open for September 2016.

This is a longer construction schedule than originally expected, and the potential noise, traffic and other disruptions will be borne primarily by residents of Sutton, Coral, and Barlyn. The association will monitor the construction and seek changes if necessary.

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