Your Say On New Cycling & Walking Pathways

shared pathway

The city is currently asking for public comments on a proposed cycling and pedestrian pathway that will pass through the western side of our community. The goal of the “Nepean Trail” is to link together some existing cycling paths, and provide an alternative to cycling on busy Merivale Rd.  Of particular interest is a shared walking/cycling path behind Meadowlands Mall and Emerald Plaza, extending northward from Meadowlands at Grant Carman, connecting to the top of Beaver Ridge (and possibly also Birchwood). This has potential to provide a welcome shortcut from Beaver Ridge to the library and the stores along Merivale.

The City’s concept includes a shared-use bike lane along our residential streets to connect with Baseline Rd and the Experimental Farm. Your views could have a big influence on the specific routes, timing, and other specifics of this project.  The City says, “Feedback is needed for this project on the type of cycling facilities proposed and on where the priority should be for allocating the budget envelope for this project.”

Deadline for comments to the City is March 29. Full details of the proposal are on the City’s Nepean Trail Functional Planning Study site.




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