Rapid Bus Transit Coming to Baseline

The City is seeking public comments on its plans for improved bus transit along the full length of Baseline Road. Work began on the project several years ago;  major new details were released earlier this month at a public Open House.  Construction is at least several years away, and depends on additional funding from provincial and federal sources.  However, NOW is the time for public comment on the plans.  The first phase will involve the eastern section of Baseline,  from Woodroffe to Heron and on to Billings Bridge.


The plan calls for two bus-only lanes in the centre of the road, with less frequent stops. Passengers will board the bus at platform-stations built at each stop, with traffic lights to control access. The roadway will be widened to keep two lanes in each direction for cars, and add a protected bicycle lane and a sidewalk on the side.  The residential section of Baseline in our community, along the experimental farm, will feature a bicycle/pedestrian “multi-use pathway”  on the north side. In Fisher Heights, most of the expansion for the wider roadway will be on the north side, but the plan foresees that homes on Baseline Road would lose the city boulevard in front of their houses.

Here are two sources of more detailed information:

  1. A detailed drawing of the section between Clyde Avenue and Fisher Avenue can be found here.
  2. “Frequently Asked Questions” and the display boards from the “Open House #4 – October 5, 2016” are found here.

The city is asking for comments on a very tight time frame, by Oct. 21.  Email to Jabbar.Siddique@ottawa.ca  We suggest that late comments (copied to Councillor Keith Egli at ward9@ottawa.ca ) will still be accepted.

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