Get Informed, Voice your Opinion at our AGM – Monday, Oct. 2, 7 pm

The Annual General Meeting takes place at Fisher Heights Community Place (31 Sutton), on Monday, Oct. 2, starting at 7 pm.  Join us as we discuss:

 the recent trend in the community for individual family homes to be renovated and converted into what amounts to rooming houses for rent to sometimes six or eight individuals per house. What is legal, what is not? Are you concerned about the impact on the community?

 the city’s recent decisions impacting local traffic: first a framework for instituting a 30 km/h speed limit on certain narrow residential streets; then a complete review of traffic calming measures over the next two years. Can our community benefit from these changes?

 an update on the status of the Islamic School construction project.

Our Community Association is at the crossroads.

If you have ever thought about getting involved in community affairs, now is the time! We need additional minds and energy to provide planning and overall guidance of our affairs – i.e. more Board members. At least one of the current Board members will be stepping down at our AGM on October 2. Several others are feeling the pressure of work and family demands. In addition, our long-time President, Bob McCaw, is leaving that position, but has agreed to stay on the Board for one more year to assist with transition.

Of course, FHACA has many strengths:
 well-organized and healthy programs we sponsor: Yoga, Bridge, Arts and Crafts, and our skating rink;
 efficient management of private rentals of the community building;
 strong financial management and a healthy reserve;
 an active committee advocating for improvements to local city parks;
 several popular family events through the year;
 an informative website and newsletter;
 a dedicated core of volunteers who help the above activities flourish.

We always need more volunteers who can help out at events, etc., and your help will definitely be welcome. Our greatest need at the moment, however, is for people willing to commit a significant effort on an ongoing basis, by joining the Board of Directors. Everyone is busy, and it may be that the Association is entering a stage where it will have to consolidate, carefully re-defining its priorities and perhaps limiting the scope of its activities. In any case, to guide this Association’s role in building a strong community, we will need a committed board, including new voices, as some of the older ones fade into the distance.

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