City Sets Aside $208K to Replace Play Structures in Steve MacLean Park in 2018

At a city council meeting February 6, an extra $10 million was confirmed for infrastructure spending on roads and park, which included $208,000 assigned to Steve Maclean Park / Long Park to “replace senior, junior playstructure, and play equipment.”

This project has long been a priority for the community association, as the original equipment was installed in the 1980s. It has also been near the top of city park priorities but had been delayed for some years when council eliminated that specific budget as a cost-cutting measure. Coun. Egli had mentioned at the 2017 FHACA AGM that he hoped the work could go ahead in 2019, so it is naturally welcome news that the project is now in the 2018 budget.

F.H.A.C.A. has asked that Councillor Egli advise us about the projected timelines for public consultation, design, work start and work completion.  This information is important to the Parks Committee as a result of the now reduced time framework.  We want to be involved in the Steve MacLean Park refurbishing; providing community input as early as possible in the process, as well as, searching out additional funds and community partners in order to expand the work beyond  the existing  “senior and junior play structures and play equipment”  indicated in the budget.

We will update the website as work progresses.  For the moment, residents who use the park should think about what features they would like to see in the updated play structures and what additional items we might add with any monies we are able to raise. Anyone interested in joining the Parks Committee should contact Lyn McCaw at

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4 Responses to City Sets Aside $208K to Replace Play Structures in Steve MacLean Park in 2018

  1. Wendy Burpee says:

    Great news! It would also be great to include more trees, well-protected from children, perhaps with raised beds as we have done at St. Rita School.


    • trevokealey says:

      Thanks for the feedback Wendy. We will share more info on the park project as it comes, and will advise of all opportunities for public input as well. If you would like to get more involved, you can join our Parks Committee: please feel free to email Lyn at the email address in the article.


  2. Luis Destro says:

    Nice to hear, it’s due for a renewal. Perhaps more garbage containers with signage “Please keep our park clean “. Containers are usually full. Also seen this in other parks too, a dog exclusion zone around sand and play structures.
    Would also like to see better signage for dogs on leash and no smoking with fine amount. More enforsement would be great too. This is a constant problem in this park, hate to confront people on the matter.
    On another issue , we use the path throughout the winter, would be nice if the Minto contractor for snow would not pile snow in the park to block the path, a lot of room off to the side.
    Thank you.


    • bobfhaca says:

      You raise several good points, and your comments will be passed on to our Parks Committee which is working with city planners on this project.


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