Community Garage Sale Saturday June 16 at 9am

The Community Garage sale is coming up fast, and all the important information is here!


For registration if you are a member of FHACA you can email your name and address, saying that you want to take part in the sale   If you are a current member of FHACA and dont have an email address call Margaret at 613-723-0169 leaving a message that you want to take part in the sale giving your name, address and phone number, after 1st June please.

If you are not a member of the Association then you can fill out the membership form at the back of the newsletter with your membership cash or cheque made out to FHACA and drop it into the mailbox at 13 Eleanor Drive or to the FHACA mailbox at 31 Sutton Place, Ottawa, K2E5G4 marking the form “Community Garage Sale”.  A membership card will be sent to you.



A list of participating homes and a map will be put on to our website, a few days before the sale so that you can download it for your convenience.

FHACA will put up Garage Sale signs throughout the neighbourhood. Participants should put up their own sign if they wish.  FHACA will advertise the sale in various local media.

For info call Margaret at 613-723-0169.


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