How did your neighbours vote on June 7?

Residents may be interested on the results of the June 7 Ontario election in the geographic area served by the Fisher Heights and Area Community Association.

Polls 31 and 34 include the bulk of this area, with 31 covering the western part (bordered generally on the north, west and south by Baseline, Merivale and Meadowlands) and 34 the eastern part (bordered generally on the north, south and east by Baseline, Meadowlands and Fisher. There is a North/South dividing line between the two polls, marking the east edge of 31 and the west edge of 34. (Villa Marconi is its own poll, 717).

Poll 34 (voting at Fisher Heights Community Place) included all of the original 1950s Fisher Heights development and most of the late 1950s, early 1960s  Parkwood Hills North housing, but excludes all the Minto “Parkwood Hills” rental buildings along Meadowlands. Poll 31 (voting at Calvin Christian Reformed Church) included most of the later housing as the community expanded west, plus a small area south of Meadowlands, and excludes part of Orchard Park.

The poll boundaries are surprisingly detailed, as they ignore natural road boundaries in some cases. Unless otherwise noted, only the houses on the one side of a boundary street are included in a poll.

Both polls are bounded on the north by Baseline Road, with the dividing point being Farlane Boulevard. 31’s boundaries are then W on Baseline, S on Clyde, E on Merivale, S on Kerry, (excluding W side of Kerry and all of Gilbey), E on Capilano and up the hill, S on Beaver Ridge and curving E, S on Eagle Lane, W on Meadowlands, S on Tiverton, E on Newbury, N on Beliveau, E on Meadowlands, N where Kingsmill would, if extended, reach Meadowlands, N along Kingsmill, W and then N along Parthia, E along Wallford Way and N along Farlane to Baseline, excluding the houses on the west side of Farlane from Wallford Way to Eleanor.

For Poll 34, starting at Baseline and Farlane and proceeding south, its western boundary is the same route as the eastern boundary of 31 above, until you reach Meadowlands. Then proceed E on Meadowlands, N and then E on both sides of Deer Park, and including all of Greenwich, Millbrook and Attwood but none of Forest Park, to Fisher, N on Fisher and W on Baseline to Farlane.

The final result in the entire riding, and in the three polls, were:









Riding 16,591 16,415 14,809 1,937 542 251 552
Poll 31      264      283      272      27     8     5     9
Poll 34      287      236      213      25     8     0   18
Poll 717         7         4        17        0     2     0     0

DD = Direct Democracy

LT = Libertarian

N/A = Unmarked, Rejected, or Declined

With a voter turnout of 58.21% of the 86,829 registered electors.


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1 Response to How did your neighbours vote on June 7?

  1. Holly MacDonald says:

    Thanks for sharing. A bit more accurate than counting lawn signs. 🙂


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