Dymon Submits Revised Plans for Baseline and Clyde Property

Coun. Egli announced that Dymon Storage has submitted a revised application for its site at the corner of Baseline Road and Clyde Avenue.  As referenced in the newsletter, this article includes some of the new plans (site plan, landscaping plan, and the softscape and hardscape plans), as well as the Planning Rationale:

2019-March – 1375 Clyde – Site Plan

2019-March – 1375 Clyde – Landscape Plan

2019-March – 1375 Clyde – Softscape and Hardscape Plan

2019-March – 1375 Clyde – Planning Rationale Addendum

You may also go to this link to see the entire municipal planning file for this project: https://app01.ottawa.ca/postingplans/appDetails.jsf?lang=en&appId=__AOFEAY

Dymon released its initial plan for the property in mid-2017, to include a five-storey self-storage warehouse on Clyde beside the Petro Canada gas station, which is not part of this project. The storage building would be similar to other Dymon buildings in the city, with indoor parking for clients and 24/7 access.

A standalone sitdown restaurant is proposed for the frontage on Baseline Road, and the existing retail space, previously a Canadian Tire and then a Value Village, has already been renovated and houses Motor Sports World, a dealer in small recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles.

Dymon also proposes a five-storey addition beside the existing retail building, at the far corner of the property.

The proposal requires a zoning change because a warehouse is not currently an allowed use of the property.

Association representatives who discussed the plan with Dymon and the city in 2017 were particularly concerned about making the site, a “gateway property” in Coun. Egli’s words, as green, pedestrian friendly and visually and architecturally attractive as possible. Most of the Merivale Road / Clyde Avenue retail strip is car-centric, and there have been suggestions for decades to improve its overall appearance.

For this site, any improvements have to be made as part of this proposal, since the buildings will exist for decades to come.

Last fall, Coun. Egli stated that he had “significant concerns” about the entire proposal.” “I believe that so much more could be done at this corner, which is really a gateway property, other than a self-storage warehouse.” He said any proposal for this property, in conjunction with the development of the adjacent Triangle lands (immediately east of this site, extending to the Loblaws plaza), should “aid in the rehabilitation of this area into something other than strip malls and big-box retailers” – namely a “viable multi-use proposal with residences, restaurants and shopping along with some innovative greening.” He said a self-storage warehouse does not “rise to the challenge and promise” of this property and sets a “less than ideal precedent” for development of the Triangle lands.

The new plan does not change the overall concept, but Dymon now proposes to operate its own retail store on the first floor of the five-storey addition; the restaurant has been moved west to abut the gas station to allow a wider access to the site from Baseline eastbound; and there has been landscaping improvements to the site.

As the newsletter went to press, Coun. Egli said he will be meeting with the city planner and Dymon to review the revised plan, but “after the quick review that I have done thus far I still have questions and concerns … at this point I am still not a booster of this project.”

Residents who wish to comment on this proposal should promptly e-mail Coun. Egli at Ward9@ottawa.ca, and include a copy to the city planner, Mary Dickinson, mary.dickinson@ottawa.ca



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