Annual General Meeting – Fisher Heights Area Community Association

Our AGM takes place on Monday September 30 at 7:15 pm

Fisher Heights Community Place, at 31 Sutton Place, is available for community events and, for a reasonable fee, private functions.

The association’s annual general meeting will be held on Monday, September 30, at 7:15 p.m. at our community building at 31 Sutton Place. Registration, membership renewals, and refreshments will begin at 6:45 pm.

The annual general meeting is an important event in your association’s activities, as it allows your board to update you on activities, finances, issues, and plans. It allows you to meet with like-minded neighbours and raise subjects that concern you.

Speakers: Waste disposal and recycling (not confirmed yet)

The board has invited city representatives to update the community on waste disposal and recycling.

There is significant flux in the recycling area especially, with the province proposing to make the packaging industry responsible for recycling plastics for example. The federal government is contemplating banning single-use plastics (and several Canadian municipalities have banned the free distribution of plastic shopping bags).

There is a reduced demand for the plastics we try to recycle since China reduced its imports of our plastic waste we don’t want to process in Canada. There is significantly reduced recycling of newsprint, and in general, the recycling programs are poorly used by industrial and commercial and retail sources, including restaurants, and by multi-unit dwellings.

Overall an overview of exactly where Ottawa stands regarding garbage, recycling and waste reduction hleps us to understand what happens to everything we throw out.

Keith Egli not present this year

Our ward councillor, Keith Egli, has already advised us that he will be unable to attend the meeting as it coincides with his 30th wedding anniversary. However, a member of his staff will be present to answer questions and take notes for follow-up.

Volunteer board members

The board also needs several new members. Community association work can be interesting, informative, sociable and rewarding, as you contribute to the ongoing life of this healthy neighbourhood. Many employers appreciate if you do volunteer work and a position in a board such as ours teaches you many new skills, from simple things like how an agenda should look like, how to take minutes and how to preside a meeting. Please consider joining the board. We meet about 10-11 times a year for 1.5 hour on Monday evening.

Website updates in WordPress

We are looking for a webmaster to maintain our website (in WordPress). If you are not familiar with WordPress, we will get you up to speed. If you know for example MS Word, it is not much different. You don’t have to build the site, just bring our news and photos on line.

Parks committee

We are looking for a volunteer to lead our parks committee, to succeed Lyn McCaw, who is retiring from this role after many years of dedicated service. The parks committee monitors the condition and facilities of our community parks and advocates with the city and others for their improvements.

Neither volunteer need necessarily be on the board (although that is desirable to see how we work). However, regular attendance of the webmaster in particular at board meetings would be desirable for that person to stay informed of association activities.

Renew your membership

If possible, bring your completed membership application for the year just starting up. The form can be found on the last page of the newsletter.

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