FHACA disagrees with city planners on Dymon storage on Clyde

As you may have heard in the news, community associations such as FHACA have been trying to stop the construction of a storage facility on Clyde Ave near Baseline.

Housing instead

We strongly believe that the so called Merivale Triangle should be developed for housing. It is a large piece of land on an arterial main street, which could potentially house thousands of people if developed properly. With the future bus rapid transit corridor on Baseline planned, dense housing near rapid transit would be very much welcomed by us, as it brings much needed housing for residents, increases the tax base and may diminish the demand for personal motorised vehicles as the BRT connects with Line 2 of our LRT system at Mooney’s Bay station. A storage facility on rapid transport corridor is not a very efficient use of the scarce space in our ward.

What is next: Vote at City council

Planning committee however voted in favour for the building. The next step is a vote at city council in January. We hope we can still garner some support to stop this building from being build.

More on the storage wars on the CBC website: Dymon on Clyde and an earlier article on this issue on our website can be found here.

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1 Response to FHACA disagrees with city planners on Dymon storage on Clyde

  1. Wendy Burpee says:

    Does it fit with the City’s proposed new Official Plan? https://engage.ottawa.ca/the-new-official-plan/news_feed/the-5-big-moves


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