January 2020 newsletter is now on line

We just delivered the newsletter to many of the households in our neighbourhood. If you like to peruse it on line, or save it for eternity, we have the newsletters on line too.

Dymon Storage building

In January’s issue, you can read about our ongoing concern about the large building to be built on Clyde in the Merivale Triangle by Dymon Storage and the reasons why we think it might not be the best idea. We encourage to express your thoughts via the information provided in the newsletter.

We believe there is no justification for this kind of spot re-zoning at such a key location. If you agree with us that approval of this warehouse represents POOR PLANNING and LOST OPPORTUNITY, please let our city councillor, Keith Egli, know your views as soon as possible. Send him an email at ward9@ottawa.ca with a cc to us at info.FHACA@gmail.com.

Also in the newsletter

Also in the newsletter: update on our winter carnival on February 1, parking by-laws, walking school program, a call for volunteers to run a butterfly garden in Fisher Heights, an update on the snow moles and much more. Download your January newsletter here.

Ice preparations at 31 Sutton Place
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