April 2020 FHACA Newsletter is now online

The paper newsletter should be delivered already or will soon will be delivered at your door. However, we also have an electronic newsletter which you can find here.

Note the COVID-19 situation is changing so rapidly that what is printed in the newsletter might be out of date an hour or two later. The Gypse Muse event on page 7 is postponed in the meantime.

In this newsletter:

More news about the Dymon storage case, Park Clean up May 9 (perhaps?), events at our community building cancelled, rummage sale postponed, mixed use retirement residence planned at Walmart vacant spot on Baseline, roadwork starting this year on Deer Park (but maybe not), independent reviewer for financial report wanted, ward boundary review and more…..Read the April 2020 newsletter here (PDF).

Make sure you check our website for updates too in these challenging times. Stay save, keep your distance (if only to keep our healthcare providers healthy) and don’t stock up too much, leaving food for others too. Food Basics has switched to 2 items per product per customer in the entire store and Loblaws is rationing supplies of milk, flour, eggs, frozen veggies TP and several other in-demand products.

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