Local Restaurant Business Open for Take Out and Deliveries

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

But how? Many stores are closed but many of our restaurants have turned to take out and/or third party delivery services. Ottawa is switching between red and orange alert codes: sometimes dine in is allowed, sometimes not.

Keith Egli’s staff has assembled a list with Ward 9 places that are open for (take out) business in these unprecedented times. The list is available on a shared Google Drive, so that staff can update it on the fly while you will always have the latest update.

Check back regularly as names might be added. Remember if you save the file on your local computer/tablet/smart phone you won’t have the most up to date one, so do save the link instead.

Here is the link: local restaurants that are open (you will be surprised how many restaurants we have in the ward).

Do not hesitate to contact Ward 9 staff is you see a mistake or if your restaurant is missing: Ward9@ottawa.ca

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