Watch for Pedestrians and Children in our Streets

Children at Fisher Heights: please drive with care

We are fortunate that Fisher Heights and Area is generally a very quiet neighbourhood. Many of us have access to spacious backyards to spend time outside. Unlike our fellow citizens downtown who often live in dense quarters, we can go out for walks in our streets, even though we have few side walks.

Kids in the streets

Keeping our distance is probably the most important aspect in our current lives to avoid spreading of COVID-19. This means that we sometimes have to veer into the street to pass each other.

You have probably also noticed more residents on bicycles going by, looking for a bit of exercise or resetting the mind, encouraged by Dr Etches advice to go outside. Many more kids are outside cycling too and we have seen them making great progress over the last two weeks already.

Maximum speed is 40 km/h

Our neighbourhood has a maximum speed of 40 km/h. While car traffic is down considerably (when is the last time you got gas?), traffic does go through our hood. We observed that services such as Purolator have a tendency to put the pedal to the metal being under time pressure (even deliveries on Sundays) and having empty roads ahead of them.

Keep an eye on your speed

We also have to make sure that we adhere to maximum speeds ourselves, with more pedestrians and kids on our roads. Especially kids can pop out of nowhere sometimes. The roads belong to everyone after all. Please keep an eye on your speed when you drive away, it is so easy to go faster in our streets now the snow and ice are gone.

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