A Sign of Spring

Daffodil at 31 Sutton Place

Today we passed by 31 Sutton Place and noticed the first daffodil in bloom just outside the Community Centre’s front door. Now the crocuses have been eaten by wild life, these yellow flowers are the next ones to admire, before the tulips are coming out.

Tulip Festival

The latest on the Tulip festival is that the flowers will be on display but the NCC is encouraging people not to go and see them. Let’s hope we will have tons of flowers in our own neighbourhood instead.

Daffodils in the public realm on Sutton Place ready to bloom

Public Realm Daffodils

One resident on Sutton Place quietly planted some daffodils in the public realm. Last year they were picked on their first day in bloom by an ecstatic mother for her new baby. Please don’t pluck the flowers and leave them for everyone in the hood to enjoy.

Clean Park

A mystery person cleaned up all garbage in Fisher Height park, leaving a message that it appears that quite a bit comes from blue boxes across the street. Make sure that you put your garbage out on the morning of pick up day and not on Friday for Monday pick up so that the wind won’t catch waste from the open blue and black boxes.


Also, we keep seeing speeders in the neighbourhood. Remember there are more kids on the road now the parks are closed. They have to cycle somewhere! If you see a commercial vehicle driving irresponsibly, do not hesitate to reach out to the company. If you are nervous about calling someone out, play it through councillor Egli. He is tough as nails and isn’t afraid for anyone 🙂

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