A pocket map of connected multi use pathways inside the Greenbelt

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A safe and connected cycling network makes all the difference in promoting cycling in our city.

There has been a serious uptick in cycling. We have seen many more Fisher Heights residents taking to a bike to get some much needed exercise, do something with the kids or simply to get out of the house and get some alone time.

Fisher Heights resident ‘Hans on the Bike’ decided this spring that he wanted to put a map together showing all the safe multi use pathways that are connected. This allows you to put your own route together, without having to cycle on roads much.

Sometimes we don’t even realise where all those paths are“, says Hans, “and how they connect with each other“. Because there is not much of a wayfinding network, Hans created a network based on nodes.

A node based network

In his native Netherlands, the nodes are numbered, both on the map and on small signs on the road, but since we don’t have the signs, Hans decided to name the nodes after nearby landmarks.

He tested the map on social media and got very positive feedback. As he doesn’t like to stop himself and unfold an enormous map at every intersection, he decided to try to keep the map simple and stylized. He also wanted it to fit on 8.5″ x 11″ so everyone can print it out at work at home or reasonably check it on a cell phone.

With another week of gorgeous weather coming up, we thought we should share the map so that you can go and explore yourself.

How to connect to Ottawa’s cycling network

The easiest and safest way from Fisher Heights and area to connect to the multi use pathway network is to cycle north on Fisher (on that narrow path on the west side of Fisher or the bike lane on the east side) towards McCooey lane or to bike down Dynes and connect with the canal or Rideau River at Hog’s Back Falls. Once you are on the network, a world of casual cycling (and ice cream shops, beer, pizza and beautiful vistas) opens up to you.

The Ottawa Multi use pathway map.

Email Hans on the Bike on 42share@gmail.com for a PDF version of the most updated map.

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