An 8 km loop across the Farm without using busy roads

Experimental Farm Pathway

This week, we are going to take a look at how to get to the Farm in this nearly 8 kilometer loop. Despite being so close to the Farm, it is not easy to get there due to the large arterial roads surrounding us. However, there is a safe route to get to the Experimental Farm Pathway. Today we are going to show you how. As usual we are going to start at our community centre on 31 Sutton Place. See map below the article.

Getting out of Fisher Heights

We are heading north for a bit to get to Kayburn. We turn into Eleanor Dr to Burris Lane. Cross Merivale into the Loblaws parking lot. Cross the parking lot carefully towards the north west order, where Starbucks is. From there walk/ cycle up a sidewalk to the lights at the Walmart entrance. On the right of the Walmart is a path that connects to the Central Park neighbourhood.

Central Park

Turn left into Scout St and follow it to Alphabet Park (play structure) and then pass the park to Clyde, north of Merivale near Maitland. Go north on Clyde until you see a path going into the green space. Follow the path, but pay attention to where you go. It is easy to take a wrong turn and you end up in another neighbourhood.

Experimental Pathway

This path is the Experimental Pathway. If you turn left, you can go all the way to Lincoln Fields and the Ottawa river pathways and even as far as Kanata, all on pathways.

But we turn right, and we will end up at Merivale Rd (north of Baseline). Cross at the lights at Merivale again, go straight on the Farm pathway towards Fisher. You will end up next to the Turnbull School on Fisher.

Fisher Ave

Pathway along Fisher towards Baseline

Although Fisher has a bike lane which is quite comfortable to cycle on, it is OK (legal too) that kids on smaller bikes can cycle on the paved pathway that runs separate from the road on the west side (see photo).

Now you are arriving at Baseline. Cross Baseline at Fisher and dip right into the parking lot at the strip mall with the Lone Star Grill. Take the shortcut in the red brick fence. From there it is an easy ride back to the Community Centre. Done. Eight kilometres in the pocket!

If you want to walk it, count on about 1.5 to 1 3/4 hrs.

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