Sign up for the Fisher Heights & Area CA Annual General Meeting: Tuesday November 24th at 7:30 pm

This year our chairs remain empty

It won’t surprise you: we will have our AGM on line this year. As our membership runs from September 1, and most members renew at the AGM, the board has decided that everyone’s membership will be extended until December 31 in order to be able to vote.

This allows everyone who was a member last year to vote at the AGM. FYI: we have about 240 members, a quorum requires 5% or 12 people at the AGM.

Short meeting

We are going to keep the meeting as short as possible as many of you are already sitting behind monitors for the most part of the work day. But we have at least the President’s report, the financial overview of this year by the Treasurer and annual elections for the new board. Seven members have already indicated to remain in the board during these unprecedented times, so operations can easily continue. Joel will step down as president after two years in this position.

Guest speaker: Keith Egli

As guest speaker, we will have our councillor, Keith Egli. In order to vote and to have an idea of the number of people participating, we would like to ask you to sign up for the Zoom call.

Paying your membership

In the mean time, we have enabled electronic money transfer, to make it easy for you in the future to renew your membership. Simply send an email via your on line banking account to It will be automatically deposited in our bank account.

Sign up for the virtual AGM today

It is very unfortunate that we had to resort to this: our AGM is always a great moment to catch up with our neighbours. But it is what it is this year. Sign up for the on line AGM here: 2020 AGM FHACA sign up sheet: here

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