Cross Country Skiing For Fisher Heights and Area Seniors

In spite of the  recent summer-like weather we’ve been having, snow and colder weather will be arriving shortly and a  renewed interest in winter activities. 

How would you like to join  other seniors from the community for some cross country skiing once or twice each week?  The skiing would be easy going, taking place at various places within the City’s boundaries – for example: Mooney’s Bay, Nepean  Sportsplex, Stony Swamp.

How it works

Here is how I purpose the program would  work:

– You would need a single membership ($5.00) in the Fisher Heights and Area     Community Association.

– Skiing would occur Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (weather permitting)

– We would gather  in the parking lot of the Fisher Heights Community Centre,  31     Sutton Place at 1:00 pm and set off by car to the chosen location.

Even if you haven’t been on cross country skis for some time, like myself, don’t hesitate to give this a try.  We’ll renew our skills and all get into shape together – lots of laughs, lots of fun and a few pratfalls.

Send an email

In order for this to work smoothly,  I would need the e-mail addresses of all interested partners.  Each Sunday,  after learning the weekly weather forecast,  I would send out an e-mail to the members of the group requesting a reply as to what day or days they plan to come skiing that week.  This would let me know whom to expect each day so  as not to leave anyone behind.

To join this adventure, you can reach me, Lyn McCaw at  or 613- 224-1682.  It will be fun, good exercise and help us all  get through the winter and these difficult times.  

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