City View Curling Club Annual (Virtual) Craft Fair

The City View Curling Club is holding its annual Craft Fair, this year, it will be a virtual Craft Fair from Dec. 6 till Dec. 12, 2020.

If you are an Artisan wishing to showcase your talent and crafts, or if you know an artisan that makes amazing crafts, here is an opportunity for you or them to offer crafts or products safely and capture the attention of over 1,000 potential clients.

Registration starts November 21

We are presently in the process of developing the registration which is scheduled to start Saturday, November 21. The platform for the virtual fair will be City Views Curling Club Face Book.

Basically the way this would work is you register your virtual table at the City View Curling Club on the events page for $30. Along with the registration, we ask that you submit up to 10 pictures or video of your products along with the price list. Example: Picture 1, Picture 2, etc.. then a list of prices. Picture 1 is $20, Picture 2 is $5, etc. We would like to feature individual Artisans and their products during the week of the sale, so if you would send a brief bio or a write up about you, that would be appreciated. Please send all the information to We will need your contact information which will be used on the website to direct potential purchasers to contact you directly. The rest is up to you to make the sale, plus delivery or pick-up of the goods.

Pick up if needed

If need be, the club can co-ordinate a drive by pick up of items for the buyer. You can drop off your items sold at the City View Curling club, on a pre-arranged date, packaged with the individuals name and contact co-ordinates for the purchasers to come on a specified day for a drive by pick-up. Exact date to follow. Pictures and prices of your product will be required by November 28, 2020 which is the deadline for the registration.

Opening times

We will try hard not to duplicate crafts, so if you are interested, first come first served rule will apply. The craft fair will open on Dec. 6 till Dec. 12, 2020.

Please let us know if you are interested in reserving a virtual table or have any questions by contacting Anne Ladouceur at or mobile at 613 794-9014.

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