Doug Yonson receives 2020 Annual Recognition for Ward 9 Volunteers

Doug Yonson Ward 9 volunteer of the year

Last week, during our COVID Virtual AGM, Doug received the good news that he was selected as one of the Ward 9 volunteers for his work as a volunteer in Fisher Heights.

Long time treasurer

Doug is the longest serving Director of the current Fisher Heights and Area Community Association (FHACA) Board. For all those years, he has been instrumental in the Community Association. In his capacity of Treasurer since he joined the Board, Doug has been keeping the books in impeccable detail.

Newsletter & Skating Rink

Doug also produces most of the content for the newsletter and each newsletter is full of news about upcoming events and planned construction to keep everyone up to date with changes in the neighbourhood. He also coordinates the work involved in the skating rink season.

COVID 19 Coordinator

Recently, Doug went out of his way to find out what it takes to keep the community groups safe in the community building during the current COVID-19 pandemic. He liaises with the City of Ottawa to understand and relay information to the FHACA Board of the changes in rules in these unprecedented times.

Chief Movie Selector

For the last number of years, Doug has been the chief movie selector for their annual children’s movie night. Every year, he manages to find a captivating movie that will appeal to all.

Institutional Memory

Finally, Doug has been their institutional memory. The FHACA Board commented that they would have been reinventing the wheel many times if it hadn’t been for Doug’s recollection of past decisions and events. Doug can be recognized with his total, continuous dedication and commitment to the Board and to the community.

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