Fisher Heights construction to continue first week of December

The design of the school with a cladding of brick and vinyl and an attractive integration of niches (these are not windows)

Good news for the residents in the immediate vicinity of the Ottawa Islamic School and of course for the teachers and students of the school! After many setbacks, from financers pulling out to COVID to finding contractors, Ms. Mona Egeh announced at the 2020 Fisher Heights & Area CA AGM that the school is finally ready to move forward. Ms. Egeh showed a contract to show the school is serious in moving forward after several years of inactivity.

Mold but structurally sound

The school is very aware that the building needs to be sealed against Ottawa’s harsh weather. Some mold was detected earlier this year. Fortunately structural engineers found that the building is safe and sound.

Seal the roof – December 2020

The first step is to seal the roof. This will happen in the first days of December of 2020.

West wall – Early Spring 2021

The next step is scheduled to happen in early spring 2021. The first wall (bricks and cladding) to be finished is the west facing wall along Sutton Place. It is not clear when the other walls will be done.

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