Sewer replacement update Fisher Heights

Here is a quick update we received from the City’s project manager Kevin Gibbs. For questions, his phone number is at the bottom.

  1. All underground infrastructure work and base coat of asphalt paved has been completed for:

•         Hilliard Avenue, east of Millbrook Crescent

•         Millbrook Crescent between Hilliard Avenue and Deer Park Road

•         Deer Park Road between Millbrook Crescent and Fisher Avenue

  1. Remaining work for this year before winter shutdown:

•         Temporary repairs to driveways on Deer Park planned to start this Wednesday Dec 9th, weather permitting

•         Rough landscaping of front yards will start this week on Hilliard, Millbrook and Deer Park and be completed by end of next week, weather permitting.

Although the site will be cleaned up and yards will be rough graded for the winter, the final landscaping of yards with topsoil and sod will occur next year.

•         Temporary repairs to sidewalk on south side of Deer Park Road between Millbrook Crescent and Fisher Avenue will be completed by end of next week.

  1. Coordination of temporary driveway repairs on Deer Park:

•         Temporary repairs to driveways will be coordinated with residents by site inspectors. Inspectors will communicate with the residents in advance of any driveway

paving to ensure that residents are aware to remove their vehicles, have parking passes etc.  The coordination between residents and site representatives has

been going well to date and will continue for the temporary paving of driveways on Deer Park.

  1. Work next year 2021:

•         The permanent concrete curb and sidewalk, and driveway paving will be completed on Deer Park in 2021.

•         Top coat paving and all landscaping reinstatement(top soil and sod) will be completed on Hilliard, Millbrook and Deer Park.

•         All remainder of the streets within the project limits (Wallford, Farlane and Hilliard): all underground work and base course paving is slated to be completed in 2021.

  1. Work next year 2022:

•         Final top coat paving on Wallford, Farlane and Hilliard is slated to occur in 2022.

If you or any of the residents have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Thank you

Kevin Gibbs, P.Eng.

Senior Engineer, Infrastructure Projects | Design & Construction – Municipal(West)

Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department | City of Ottawa

100 Constellation Crescent | Ottawa ON K2G 6J8

tel: 613-580-2424 ext: 16633

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