New board for Fisher Heights & Area Community Association + new FHACA newsletter coming soon

Last night, the members of FHACA chose a new board for the 2021-2022 season. We would like to thank the board members who stepped down for the valuable work for the community, as difficult as it was in the last year. We are fortunate to have Corey Peabody step up to the plate as a board member. She has worked very hard to understand the Ottawa Official Plan and to explain it to the rest of us in the past year.

Members voting in the new board (selection)

This is our new board:

Isabelle LaVert- Chiasson, Suzanne Buan, Maria Pluviati, Corey Peabody, Steven Coté, Tony Sroka, Doug Yonson, Hans Moor. We typically divide roles (president, treasurer etc) at the first board meeting.

We hope to ramp up our activities again, but it all depends on how COVID develops. In several European countries semi lock down rules are back after the virus started to spread again when rules where loosened. The overarching theme in organising events is obviously our health. So nothing is carved in stone, but we will attempt to organise events again.

We cannot do this without you, the 5000 residents of the community of Fisher Heights. It is impossible to ask 8 board members to organise events, monitor the city’s movements in planning, keep developers in check and answer questions from the public. So we expect the members to chip in time, else we cannot continue our ambitious agenda. We would love to see you take on one event a year either as a coordinator or in a support role. Send us an email at

Note: a new newsletter (on paper and in PDF) with tons of updates will arrive soon in your physical and electronic mailbox.

I thought the meeting went very well yesterday” – Larry B.

“Such a good AGM and very informative.  Thanks to all your Exec for making it possible” – Margaret M.

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