Fisher Heights Community Place reopens, with rules

Fisher Heights Community Place is open but email in advance as we don’t have a reception desk

As Ontario eased its COVID rules in the fall, your board decided it was appropriate to cautiously re-open our community building, Fisher Heights Community Place, to our sponsored groups and for community activities and private rentals. Of course, everything will be in flux if the COVID rules are again tightened.

But for now, here are the rules relating to the use of the building:

• There are no capacity limits other than those imposed by the Ontario Fire Marshal.

• Social distancing is recommended, but is not required.

• The program contact, or the private renter, or delegate, MUST confirm that each participant 12 or older has been double-vaccinated at least 14 days prior, and shows acceptable ID. An exception is for documented medical exemptions (certification required). No-one can enter the building if they have neither proof of vaccination NOR proof of medical exemption.

• All participants are required to acknowledge that they have completed the COVID Screening Tool (two laminated copies are on the table at the building entrance) and confirm that they have answered “NO” to all the screening questions. The program contact, or the private renter, or delegate, must facilitate this process. Anyone who does not pass screening is not permitted to enter the business or organization and should be advised that they should self-isolate, ideally at home, and call their health care provider or Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) to get advice or an assessment, including if they need a COVID-19 test.

• In addition, the program contact, or renter, must ensure that all participants are listed on a COVID Screening log (a binder also on the entrance table) to allow for contact tracing, and they must retain this log for a period of one month from the date the rental space is last used. The contact or renter may be required to disclose this log at the request of Ottawa Public Health for purposes for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

• All participants under 2 years of age (or under 5 if they refuse) must wear a mask except when engaged in physical activity or eating. Exception: no one is required to provide proof of exemption from mask-wearing, nor can anyone be turned away if unable to wear a mask.

• At the end of the activity / event, the contact or renter is expected to do simple re-sanitizing of door knobs, tables, light switches, washroom faucets and knobs – any items that were possibly touched during the activity / event.

These rules MAY sound onerous, but they are the rules that businesses and organizations have been following for some time now. They should not be a challenge if the building is being used for a family event, for example.

For inquiries or to make a booking, please e-mail

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