Gilbey, Parthia parks to get early upgrade

Enjoy the freshly cut grass at Gilbey Park from the comfort of a park bench

The play structures in two neighbourhood parks will be replaced earlier than otherwise scheduled thanks to a federal infrastructure grant announced in the spring of 2021. 

According to Dan Chenier (, the city’s general manager, Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services: Work in Gilbey Park is valued at $161,000 and includes replacement of the junior and senior play structures and play equipment, and an accessible pathway.  This is scheduled for 2023.   Very similar work in Parthia Park is valued at $160,000 to replace the junior play structure, and an accessible pathway.  This is scheduled for 2024.   

Chenier said this funding was received as a result of a 2019 application.  The parks were selected “based on bundling top-priority parks from every ward” – namely, where the parks ranked in the city’s “lifecycle replacement program” to renew aging play structures. This grant “only applies to renewing the active play elements in the park.” Funding and projects are spread over four years, from 2021 to 2024.

The top priority of your association board for play-structure updating has been Fisher Heights Park, which has been showing its age for some years. Your board has understood that this park is at the top of the replacement program priorities and presumably it was not selected for the federal grants because the city already plans to update it before or in 2023. But that could not be confirmed before deadline.

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