Welcome to the new board of FHACA

This week, the members of FHACA chose a new board for the Fisher Heights & Area Community Association.

Isabelle stepped down as it was hard for her to combine work, family and attending the board meetings but Isabelle will stay involved in the background. Maria stepped down earlier this year. We thanked both Isabelle and Maria for their work in the community.

We welcome Sabrina Hossain, Tracy Norris and Maher Chaar as new members of the board. The board members who were re-elected are Suzanne Buan, Cory Peabody, Doug Yonson, Steven Coté, Tony Sroka and Hans Moor. So we have again a healthy board of nine members.

As our lives gradually appear to return to normal the board is going to further focus on family activities, a park committee and a development committee, the latter one to keep a close eye on developer projects in and near our neighbourhood.

We heard from Councillor Egli that the Islamic School found some money to start cladding the new addition started in 2014, and that the developer for the Lone Star development has bought ‘several properties’ from home owners next to the site to create a new park. The development proposal for Lone Star will not be dealt with until next year apparently so there is still time to develop objections. Councillor Egli also shared there is money becoming available for upgrades on several parks from different funding sources.

As it is Councillor Egli’s last year in council, he was thanked by the association for his work with us and the president pointed out the pleasant cooperation on the work on the Nepean Trail and specifically the new successful and safe underpass at Merivale Road.

The association is in good financial shape partly thanks to the building rentals in our community building and frugal financial management. Every member has received the documents by email in advance, there were no questions about the financial statements, the bank statement, the minutes of last year and the president’s report. All documents were accepted unanimously.


President FHACA

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