President’s message at 2022 AGM

For those who weren’t able to attend the recent AGM, here is the president’s message as referred to in our latest November 2022 newsletter. It was also included in the AGM package sent to all members.

This year has been another interesting year. COVID has pretty much been top of everyone’s mind once again and it severely limited operations of our community building as well as our activities. Yet, we were able to start up our clean up the park event, our highly successful community garage sale and our bike day in the park. Several of our indoor activities started up indoors too, depending on the comfort level of the participants. The newsletter is being delivered again to all households in Fisher Heights.

This is the place to thank all the volunteers once again who showed resilience in serving the community. Thank you everyone for volunteering your time, no matter if it was delivering newsletters, cleaning up a local park, designing a map for the garage sales, maintaining the membership database, reading through development proposals or keeping track of the finances, updating the website and writing news articles. All that stuff has to be done by someone.

Like many other organisations, we would like to do more, but there is only so much we can expect from our volunteers. Therefore I would like to ask you all to consider getting a bit more involved in our community. We see quite a bit of turnover with older people downsizing and leaving our neighbourhood and a younger generation moving in. That is obviously a natural process and I am personally happy to see that not everyone chooses for a home in Stittsville and beyond.

There are many changes coming towards us. There has been talk about a special bus corridor on Baseline, and developers are already moving in to build denser housing along Baseline. We have all heard by now about the highrises that are proposed and already being built along this corridor. The Ottawa Official Plan (waiting to be approved by the Ontario government) asks for more densification, several hundred meters in from Baseline. That will affect your property and traffic tremendously.

The Ontario government will want to build much more housing and city staff is under pressure to approve new housing as much as possible in order to meet housing demand. Our development committee keeps a close eye on what is going on and we are nervous that there is no overall strategy from the city to deal with increased traffic with thousands of dwelling being added.

We will try to keep you informed as much as we can, via our email list and website and newsletter. Please do make sure you keep yourself informed. Do not rely on social media as we can simply not monitor and manage all these different sources of information that also generate questions and discussions for which we have no time (and frankly, no appetite either) for.

I am confident that many of our events will return, but we need your help too. This will be my last year as a president and several of our board members will soon step down as well. Do consider if you would like to be the lead in one of our events or perhaps become a board member next year.

Lastly, I would like to thank outgoing councillor Keith Egli, who has represented our ward for 12 years. We have had a great working relationship with councillor Egli and we look forward to working with the new councillor, who ever that will be.

Our board is looking forward to another exciting year, starting with the elections, and later a movie night for the kids at our community centre.

Hans Moor