Neighbourhood Coyote Sightings

The wolf is closely related to the coyote and even mixes, resulting in the coywolf

Several years ago we attended a very interesting presentation at City Hall about coyotes. They have gradually travelled north from Mexico and the southern US and are now a common sight in Ottawa too. We learned they have their own territory and that if a coyote dies, another will soon take over the territory. The fight to keep coyotes under control apparently is a losing battle. So we have to be prepared that coyotes are here to stay.

Coyotes have been heard and seen in the Experimental Farm and I (Hans) met one on the Farm on McCooey Drive while cycling home. It was less than ten meters away from me and I think we were both too surprised to be shocked. It looked very hungry though, so I didn’t stick around too long.

Sightings in Skyline/City View

Two coyote sightings have been made recently in the neighbourhood.

A large coyote appears to live quietly in Gilbey Park. It was seen again on January 2 and although it was not threatening, this is just a reminder to keep an eye on smaller dogs in the park (keep them on leash) and ensure that kids playing or sliding are adult supervised.

The second sighting was on Higwood, again on January 2, where a smaller coyote was seen walking down the middle of the street.

Update: after we posted this, Bert van den Berg from the Willeth and Sunnycrest area in Fisher Heights also mentioned coyote tracks in their front yard after the first big snowfall in December but not anything after that.

Generally, there is no reason to be afraid, unless you’re Little Red Riding Hood. Coyotes appear to go after small rodents, deer rabbits and fruit.

In an area like Fisher Heights and area, we can probably coexist with coyotes, but you may want to keep your cat inside or in a “catio” (a cat patio) with decent fencing. Don’t leave food out and keep your dogs on a leash at all times anywhere. Research showed that someone in Denver actually fed the coyotes dogfood at a cemetery. Go figure.

Brian writes:

This past Wednesday morning (4:30 ish) on my way to coffee at Timmies, I had the pleasure of coming up and very close to a Coyote at the corner of Millbrook and Deer Park. On the north east corner there was a pretty good looking specimen of a very healthy coyote within 3 meters from my vehicle.

It wasn’t afraid of me and by no means did it try to run away. Rolled my window down and spoke to it and it slowly sauntered off towards Hilliard. I’m probably the earliest riser in the neighbourhood, and out of the house every morning before 4:30 and i pay attention to what Mother Nature is throwing at us.

This morning on my way out to coffee, my usual route Vanson, Willeth, Coral, Barlyn, after that nice light coating of fresh snow, it was very evident there was a lot of action from a pack of coyotes running from Willeth to Barlyn, judging by the numbers of tracks which I witnessed.

Fresh snow, first vehicle out usually you see a lot of tracks, even the kind of tracks from car thieves.

Just want to let everyone know that over my many years here, I have had many sightings of Mother Nature’s wildlife in out area, foxes, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, fishers.

I am an old Agricologist, and have a lot of respect for these animals and keep an eye out for them every morning. Nice seeing them around.

Report and Read

You can report coyote sightings to the City through Ottawa online at, email or call 3-1-1. If a coyote is posing an immediate threat or danger to the public, call 9-1-1 immediately.

You can read up on coyotes here (you should).