Become a Member

Membership fees help support FHACA’s other activities, like the Winter Carnival, the rummage and garage sales, the skating rink, Yoga, Bridge and Arts & Crafts group, all of which are open to residents of the neighbourhood.

For a small fee, anybody in the neighbourhood can become a member of the association and participate in its governance and its programs.

To become a member, you can either do this electronically or by mail:

– Send your membership payment (5$ for individual, 10$ for a household) by Interac E-transfer to (our preferred method of payment) and include your name and contact information (address, email address and phone number) or,

– Mail your payment to FHACA, 31 Sutton Place, Ottawa K2E 5G4 (cheque payable to FHACA). Include a filled membership application form or at a minimum your contact information.

You will receive an acknowledgement by email once your membership is processed.


– Individual Membership is $5 per person per year
– Family Membership is $10 per family per year

Membership – why it is important

The larger the membership in FHACA, the stronger our voice will be in dealing with issues that affect our community.  Every name on our membership list indicates a person who cares what happens in our community.  When working with the City, it shows strength and support for our view of an issue, that we are concerned citizens who care.