Our Association

The Fisher Heights and Area Community Association (FHACA) is run by volunteers who dedicate time and energy to making our beautiful neighbourhoods even better places to live.  More specifically:

  • FHACA organizes a variety of community events every year, including seasonal family parties, rummage and yard sales, and  a spring clean-up of our neighbourhood parks.
  • FHACA is responsible for administering the day-to-day operation of  the city-owned Fisher Heights Community Place at 31 Sutton Place.  Every winter, the Association operates and maintains the outdoor skating rink on the lawns behind the community building.
  • FHACA sponsors a number of community programs that are open to all members of the community, including Yoga Partners, an Arts and Crafts Circle, and a Bridge Club.  A city-run Fitness Program for people 50 and older also operates in the building. FHACA is also an enthusiastic supporter of less frequent or formal community events, such as street parties, and winter carnivals.
  • FHACA is an important point of contact for city staff and councillors, and is in frequent contact and consultation with Ward 9 City Councillor Keith Egli about development and programming issues which affect our neighbourhoods.
  • FHACA publishes this website, as well as a newsletter which is delivered by volunteers, five times a year,  to 1,400 homes throughout the neighbourhood.

FHACA Membership & Governance

FHACA is committed to being open, transparent, and accessible to everybody who lives in the community. It is a registered not-for-profit corporation.

A Board of Directors is elected during each Annual General Meeting in September, which takes place at Fisher Heights Community Place, 31 Sutton Place. All paid-up members of FHACA are eligible (and encouraged!) to run for positions on the Board of Directors or to volunteer to help with our activities.

The Board meets monthly, except in the summer.

2 Responses to Our Association

  1. Jon Joyce says:

    First of all, thank you for your hard work for our community. It is reassuring to know there is a team considering the needs of the residents and homeowners. Regarding the proposed building plans, where can we find more information about the plans being considered to improve the electric grid in this area? As you are aware, we have experienced blackouts due to weather events several times over the past several years, most recently for nine consecutive days due to the derecho. In addition, new development especially the Lone Star redevelopment, will put further strain on the already burdened electrical systems in this area. Where can we find out about plans to improve electricity delivery to this area? Thank you.


  2. I send this message to Councillor Egli today. Can the association help.

    Hello Keith. As you know I am a constituent. Can you please explain to me why there are now 3 speed new speed bumps on Hilliard Ave in Fisher Heights? If anything speed bumps should put on Deer Park which is used as a cut through and drivers regularly speed down this street. My son lives in Deer Park. He’s going to have two babies this Spring. They have the right expect that their street will be a safe street. Then there is my Street Lipstan Ave. that continues to have cars speed up and down as parents rush to drop and pick up their children at the Islamic school. I would like an explanation please.


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