June 25: Bike Celebration Day in Fisher Heights

Back by popualr demand after Covid: Fisher Heights & Area Bike Celebration Day: June 25.

Holly MacDonald has offered to organize not just a bike rodeo in June, but a Bike Celebration Day.

The weather has delayed the planning, but here are some of the activities and presentations we hope to offer on Sat June 25 from 9 to noon at the community building. The block of Sutton Place in front of Fisher Heights Community Place will be closed to through traffic for the event.

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Road reconstruction nears end, on schedule

50-plus-year-old trunk sewers (sanitary and storm) and watermains along parts of Hilliard, Farlane and Wallford Way replaced. Wrap up next spring. @KeithEgli

Nothing beats the fresh smell of a new layer of asphalt!

The major reconstruction this year of several streets in the community is on schedule and has faced no unforeseen issues, writes the city’s supervising engineer, Kevin Gibbs (Kevin.Gibbs@ottawa.ca). “The project is currently on track to meet the project timelines,” he writes. “We do not anticipate any major unforeseen problems at this time.”

The work involved replacing 50-plus-year-old trunk sewers (sanitary and storm) and watermains along parts of Hilliard, Farlane and Wallford Way. The project began last year, with similar work occurring on parts of Deer Park, Millbrook and Hilliard.

The last phase of the 2020 work, the final paving of the three streets, was recently completed, and landscaping on those streets was completed earlier this summer.

“The bulk of the remaining underground and road work will be completed this fall, including any remaining concrete sidewalk work, with construction operations winding down after the end of November 2021.”

The rebuilt 2021 streets will receive an initial paving this fall, but the final asphalt, and landscaping, will be carried out in 2022. “Those activities are expected to resume in May and wrap up in June, based on the contractor’s current schedule, although some work could extend until the end of July. These construction operations are generally of shorter duration and less disruptive than the underground construction work was this year.”

An 8 km loop across the Farm without using busy roads

We live so close to the Farm and yet it is not easy to get there. Here is a safe route that avoids the busy arterial roads entirely.

Experimental Farm Pathway

This week, we are going to take a look at how to get to the Farm in this nearly 8 kilometer loop. Despite being so close to the Farm, it is not easy to get there due to the large arterial roads surrounding us. However, there is a safe route to get to the Experimental Farm Pathway. Today we are going to show you how. As usual we are going to start at our community centre on 31 Sutton Place. See map below the article.

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A Short Bike Ride for the Thanksgiving Weekend

With so much being shut down and or closed, cycling with the kids offers a great alternative. But where to go. Here is a suggestion.

If you are looking for something to do with the (grand)kids, here is a tip to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend weather. The forecast is still a bit iffy and changing, but it looks like we will have at least some sun eventually.

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A pocket map of connected multi use pathways inside the Greenbelt

lady on trike
A safe and connected cycling network makes all the difference in promoting cycling in our city.

There has been a serious uptick in cycling. We have seen many more Fisher Heights residents taking to a bike to get some much needed exercise, do something with the kids or simply to get out of the house and get some alone time.

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Watch for Pedestrians and Children in our Streets

Children at Fisher Heights: please drive with care

We are fortunate that Fisher Heights and Area is generally a very quiet neighbourhood. Many of us have access to spacious backyards to spend time outside. Unlike our fellow citizens downtown who often live in dense quarters, we can go out for walks in our streets, even though we have few side walks.

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