Neighbourhood Coyote Sightings

The wolf is closely related to the coyote and even mixes, resulting in the coywolf

Several years ago we attended a very interesting presentation at City Hall about coyotes. They have gradually travelled north from Mexico and the southern US and are now a common sight in Ottawa too. We learned they have their own territory and that if a coyote dies, another will soon take over the territory. The fight to keep coyotes under control apparently is a losing battle. So we have to be prepared that coyotes are here to stay.

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Sign up for Councillor Sean Devine’s Ward 9 Newsletter

Our incoming Ward 9 Councillor Sean Devine has invited residents across the ward to subscribe to the new Ward 9 Newsletter. Many of you are likely subscribers to Councillor Keith Egli’s weekly newsletter.

Due to privacy concerns, the subscriber info can’t be transferred over from Keith’s office to Sean’s office, so Sean has provided a sign-up link if you’d like to subscribe to his upcoming Ward 9 newsletter

Community updates

At the recent AGM, councillor Egli shared some updates regarding parks, developments in Fisher Heights

At the Annual General Meeting in September 2022 Councillor Egli brought updates to several community issues.

780 Baseline Road (Lone Star Plaza)

The proponent of the780 Baseline Road redevelopment has bought a second house, 9 Hilliard, to accompany his previous purchase of 7 Hilliard. The adjacent properties, which abut the 780 Baseline property, are to be used as a construction staging area if the project is approved, and will then become a city park.

It is not clear where the funds to equip the park – which could include a play structure, benches and/or picnic tables, perhaps a basketball half court – will come from. Will that be funded by the developer as part of that project, or from direct city funding, or from the parks-in-lieu funds that accumulate in the ward and citywide? He said this proposal will not advance to Planning Committee until 2023.

Park improvements consultations for Gilbey and Parthia

As mentioned in the November 2021 community association newsletter, federal infrastructure funding has been approved to replace play structures in Gilbey Park (in 2023, value $161,000) and Parthia Park (in 2024, value $160,000). The funding is guaranteed, but can only be used to “renew the active play elements in the park,” the city says, not add new ones. Community consultations are to begin this fall for Gilbey Park and in fall 2023 for Parthia Park.

Councillor Egli said that replacement of Fisher Heights Park play structures is slotted for 2024, but this funding is not guaranteed as it must be included in the city budget, along with competing park priorities.

Fisher Heights Islamic School

The Islamic School has found sufficient funding to proceed with the full exterior cladding of the addition. This will improve considerably the appearance of the building. But occupancy is still a long way off, as after all exterior construction is completed, funds must be found to do the major work in finishing the interior – ceilings, walls, plumbing, electrical work, painting, furniture, equipping the science lab, construction and equipment of the gym floor and so on.

56 Capilano (Land at Curling rink)

The 56 Capilano development proposal is scheduled to go to the city Planning Committee on Oct. 27. councillor Egli shared that the proponent has negotiated an agreement with a social housing provider where it will operate the building after construction and will provide its specific recommendations regarding elements of the zoning amendment and if that is approved, the site plan.

New speed camera on Fisher Ave

A new speed camera will soon appear on Fisher Ave in Ottawa.

We received the information below from traffic staff on the new automated speed camera on Fisher.

Testing is occurring on the Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) camera on Fisher Avenue, between Deer Park Road and Kintyre Private, and tickets will begin to be issued within the next few days. that is an area just south of Deer park.

‘Coming Soon’ signage that has been on site since last fall has been replaced with ‘Municipal Speed Camera in use’ signage. As you know, in October 2021 (Transportation) committee identified this location for an ASE camera. Note it can take a couple weeks for a motorist to receive a ticket in the mail.

Please visit Automated Speed Enforcement for more information.

Fisher Heights: election updates

October 16: all candidate Ward 9 debate at the Sportsplex

Watch again:

A mayoral eco debate was held September 26, watch the debate back here. Topics are housing, traffic, active transportation, LRT and more. Watch it again.

If you rather watch a video about our ward, here is the debate for Ward 9 on Rogers TV, that can be found here. 2022 Ward 9 Debate

And finally the elections on October 24.

Welcome to the new board of FHACA

This week, the members of FHACA chose a new board for the Fisher Heights & Area Community Association.

Isabelle stepped down as it was hard for her to combine work, family and attending the board meetings but Isabelle will stay involved in the background. Maria stepped down earlier this year. We thanked both Isabelle and Maria for their work in the community.

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Community Garage Sale in Fisher Heights & Area with 30 participants: June 18 at 9 am

Hi everyone,

After two years, our annual community garage sale is back. This Saturday from 9 am you can find your treasures at about 30 participants in the increasingly popular neighbourhood of Fisher Heights, located between Baseline and Meadowlands, Fisher and Merivale. From old shoes to new Tupperware, from an Italian bed to ceiling fans, there is bound to be something for you that you don’t have yet.

Although we don’t have an official end time, you don’t want to wait too long: by noon some of us are ready for a beer (hot chocolate looking at the weeather) and will pack up, while others wait for that very last blue crocheted baby hat to go.

It might be a bit cool in the morning so think of mittens and a hat; it is only nearly July after all. 🙂

Bring change

And the best thing is: no taxes! Bring cash: change is best, paying for a 25 cent tea cozy with a 20 dollars bill doesn’t really work at garage sales.

We know many people are champing at the bit at 6:20 am but don’t expect everything to be ready yet.

Mind your speed

Remember, this is a neighbourhood with young children, seniors, runners and people biking around; shoppers will be crossing the streets, so be careful if you drive through Fisher Heights. The speed limit is 40 kph, but slower is appreciated.

2022 Fisher Heights grage sale map as an PNG image

Below is the PDF version you can print out.

And here is the map on Google for you to zoom in on. Click on the top left icon for the addresses.

Lengthy local power outage raises questions about hydro grid in G7 capital

From Doug Yonson

The major power outage after the May 21 storm – more than 8 days for most of us — awas hugely disrupting, and hugely upsetting, and hugely frustrating to many area residents. There will be post-mortems, but one question that arose often in our community is how sturdy, how stable, and how efficient the hydro grid infrastructure is locally.

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Nepean Hotspurs Recreational Boys and Girls Soccer 2022

Come play soccer this summer with Nepean Hotspurs’ LKP Program. 12 weeks beginning May 30th 2022

Come play soccer this summer with Nepean Hotspurs’ LKP Program.

Our U13 and U14 age groups for boys and girls are hoping to include some more keen players for our 12 week play and train program beginning May 30th.

Further details can be found at or by emailing club Technical Director, Fawn Mulholland:

We hope to see you there!