–                                                                                                                   Community Building Rentals

Contact our rental Manager: Mary Beth Pion at or leave a voicemail at (613) 226-9627

FHACA Mailing Address – via Canada Post

31 Sutton Place
Ottawa, ON  K2E 5G4
This address should be used for all stamped mail. The box is cleared regularly and forwarded to the appropriate parties.

FHACA Board of Directors

Interim President: Joel Laforest, 613-796-5579
Treasurer: Doug Yonson, 613 226-3628
Secretary: Suzanne Buan

Website: Trevor Kealey, 613-794-6783
Ryan Boudreau

Isabelle LeVert-Chiasson

Sarah Ritskes

Maria Pluviati

Jayne Belanger

Hans Moor
Larissa Bondarchuk-Hernandez


FHACA Sponsored Programs

Arts & Crafts Circle: Vi Macnaughton  (613) 224-8527

Bridge Club: Louise (613) 274-2618

             Yoga Partners:  Lyn McCaw, (613) 224 1682, or Karen Gordon at (613) 274 7505

Associate Clubs & Programs

Fitness Program for 50+: Keri Robertson, Program Coordinator, City of Ottawa at 613-226-2208.

Long Park Tennis Club: Cheryl Clarke: (613) 226-2369

FHACA Newsletter:

Editors: Doug Yonson, 613 226-3628

Publisher: Jack Wilson (613) 228-0526;

Distribution: Ken Harten (613) 723-7458

Other Contacts

Community Police Officer: Mark Nethercott (613) 236-1222 ext. 2243

Ward 9 City Councillor: Keith Egli



2 Responses to Contacts

  1. Sussie says:

    Looking for contact name and number for drop in at the Community centre for infant/toddlers. I remember that it is a Friday, but don’t know if it is regularly held.


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