Our newsletter and website provide information – and FHACA’s action taken – regarding development within the area and nearby, as well as other issues affecting the neighbourhood. It also contains announcements of events, activities, changes in the neighbourhood, telephone numbers and addresses. Keep a copy on your fridge!

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Your paper newsletter: as Canada Post mail now delivers to central mailboxes in Fisher Heights, to which we don’t have access, please check your mailbox at the door. If you don’t have a mailbox anymore, we might leave the newsletter behind your screen door, under a flower pot or behind the door handle.

Our association produces four to five paper newsletters every year. Close to 1,400 copies of each issue are printed and hand delivered by volunteers to the homes in our area at a cost of around 800 dollars per issue.  Membership fees help pay this cost.

Don’t forget to check your home mailbox

Back issues

Here are many of our back issues for your perusal, organised by year.




April, June, September, November


November (due to Covid, there were no other issues this year)


January, April, June, October


January, April, May, September, November


January, March, May, September, November


January, March, May, September, November


January, March, May, September, October


January, March, May, August, October


May, September, October