January Newsletter + Winter Carnival

The January edition of the community newsletter is now available.  A physical copy was also likely delivered to your door.  Have a look for information and articles of interest to our community.

January Newsletter

In addition, the annual Winter Carnival will be taking place Saturday February 3 from 1pm to 4pm at the Community Centre.  There will be fun and games, including Horse Drawn Wagon Rides (starting at 2pm), Colombian Carnaval Dancers (3pm), and marshmallow roasting on the fire pit.

Come on out and have a great afternoon with your friends in the Community!

2017 Winter Carnival


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The Rink is Open

Yes, it’s cold outside, but if you bundle up you can enjoy a skate on the rink!

Holiday hours are in effect until January 8:

Weekdays: 12pm to 9pm  |  Weekends: 12pm to 10pm

After that, back to regular hours:

Weekdays: 4:30pm to 9pm  |  Weekends: 12pm to 10:pm

We have two rinks so that new skaters can enjoy a skate on the pond without fearing the shinny game that might take place within the boards.  Helmets are recommended, and don’t forget to dress warmly this week!

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New Years Eve Party at Local Curling Club

The City View Curling Club (50 Capilano Drive) is hosting a New Years Eve Party, which is open to the public.  See below for more info.

New Years Eve Poster 2017

Do you have an event that would be of interest to the community?  Feel free to reach out to have it posted on our Community Website and Facebook page.  Or with enough advanced notice, in our newsletter, which is distributed to all houses in the community.  Email your request to info.fhaca@gmail.com

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Bob McCaw to Receive ‘Service to the City’ Award this week

Our Association’s long-time Board member and President, Bob McCaw, will receive the
“Service to the City” award on Thursday evening at the Ward 9 Volunteer Recognition
event. Everyone who knows Bob from his two decades of involvement and leadership
in our community is welcome at the ceremonies, which take place on:

Thursday, November 30th , 2017
from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

at Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive

The annual event is sponsored by Councillor Keith Egli, and typically recognizes
volunteers in several categories. Winners are selected by an independent judging panel
of community leaders.


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From the Fisher Heights Arts and Crafts Circle: In the Mood for Peace – A Presentation by Shirley O’Connell

For many of us in the Fisher Heights Arts and Crafts Circle, our first awareness of Izzy Dolls came because they were being made by our dear friend Ruth Wilson, who said that every doll she made gave her great pleasure and a sense of purpose.

Ruth Wilson

When Shirley O’Connell, national coordinator for the Izzy Doll program, was our guest last month, she came to present a certificate of appreciation to Ruth for her contribution of more than 100 of the dolls to the program. Shirley came with a full exhibit to illustrate the way Izzy Dolls have become a remarkable globally-distributed emblem of our striving toward a more a peaceful and compassionate world.

Presentation, 2 Oct 2017

The story she told, as written by Phyllis Wheaton in her book “In the Mood for Peace,” begins with Mark Isfeld – the Canadian soldier for whom the dolls are named – and an incident in Croatia, when Mark, serving as a UN Peacekeeper, stopped his truck close to a house that had been reduced to rubble in the conflict. Mark noticed a doll that “resembled the body of a tiny toddler face down in the debris. In the background stood the unrecognizable wreckage of a home. Perhaps it was the house where the doll’s owner had lived and, in the family’s frantic escape, was left behind.”

Mark took a picture of the scene and his mother Carol said: “For Mark, it would be more than a picture, it would be a statement of the sacrifice forced upon the children of war.” Carol was moved by her son’s compassion and said she had to do something to help the children and bring peace to her son’s mind.

Soon after, Mark received a package of 21 little dolls knitted from scraps of brightly coloured yarn – little boys with blue berets and little girls with pigtails.

Izzy Dolls

“Just as his mother had hoped, Mark carried a doll in his uniform pocket. Whenever he met a child he gave the gift of the doll and watched what happened next. First the child’s eyes lit up, then a smile formed. As they exchanged friendly grins, their mistrust for this Peacekeeper disappeared”

From that beginning, and from the wish of his family to honour Mark following his death in service in 1994, “Carol busied her hands making Izzy Dolls and giving interviews. The story of the Izzy Doll charmed the public and more crafters revelled in the idea of using their talents to create dolls that would bring comfort to a child in need. Carol referred to the knitters as her angels.”

Brian, Mark’s father, described “hundreds of women with time on their hands – mostly elderly and most of them mothers – making these ‘Izzy Dolls’ to send to soldiers for distribution to kids…and watching them regain interest, energy, and enthusiasm to help others – a rebirth of energy.”

Since then, an extraordinary outpouring of support and assistance from many individuals and organizations has resulted in more than 1.3 million Izzy Dolls being distributed to children in war zones and in the aftermath of natural disasters around the world.

Izzy Dolls in Malawi

Before she died, Carol entrusted the Izzy Doll legacy to Shirley O’Connell, who continued to rally women together. “Her regular newsletters inspired members of the Order of the Eastern Star. She organized pickups of large batches of dolls from church groups, schools, senior centres, women’s organizations, and knitting clubs. After sorting and packaging, the dolls are delivered to her Canadian military contact and to charities that include the International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering (ICROSS Canada); Health Partners International Canada; ORBIS, the flying team of childrens’ eye surgeons; Child Haven International Canada; and even some Shriner childrens’ hospitals.”

Many times each month she also answers requests from groups like ours to tell this story, to encourage more knitters to participate in the effort. “We can always use more Izzy Dolls”, she says. Rising from tragedy and grief, it’s altogether the story of an unbroken circle of human compassion and love carried around the world in the form of beautiful, hand-made, soft little dolls.


Our Arts and Crafts Circle meets every Monday morning from 9:45 to 11:45 at the Fisher Heights Community Place, 31 Sutton Place in Nepean. You are most welcome to join us. For further information, contact Vi Macnaughton, 613-224-8527. Shirley O’Connell can be reached at soconn37@gmail.com.

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Moana Movie Night – November 18, 2017

Following last year’s successful presentation of Zootopia, the Fisher Heights and Area Community Association is please to present the 2016 Disney film Moana at its second annual free family movie night – Saturday November 18 at 6:00pm at the Fisher Heights Community Centre.

Put on your comfiest pyjamas and enjoy the fun movie while getting to know other families in the neighbourhood.  Snacks and drinks will be provided free of charge, just bring a bucket to hold all that popcorn!  There will even be a draw at the end of the movie for a gift card.




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Get Informed, Voice your Opinion at our AGM – Monday, Oct. 2, 7 pm

The Annual General Meeting takes place at Fisher Heights Community Place (31 Sutton), on Monday, Oct. 2, starting at 7 pm.  Join us as we discuss:

 the recent trend in the community for individual family homes to be renovated and converted into what amounts to rooming houses for rent to sometimes six or eight individuals per house. What is legal, what is not? Are you concerned about the impact on the community?

 the city’s recent decisions impacting local traffic: first a framework for instituting a 30 km/h speed limit on certain narrow residential streets; then a complete review of traffic calming measures over the next two years. Can our community benefit from these changes?

 an update on the status of the Islamic School construction project.

Our Community Association is at the crossroads.

If you have ever thought about getting involved in community affairs, now is the time! We need additional minds and energy to provide planning and overall guidance of our affairs – i.e. more Board members. At least one of the current Board members will be stepping down at our AGM on October 2. Several others are feeling the pressure of work and family demands. In addition, our long-time President, Bob McCaw, is leaving that position, but has agreed to stay on the Board for one more year to assist with transition.

Of course, FHACA has many strengths:
 well-organized and healthy programs we sponsor: Yoga, Bridge, Arts and Crafts, and our skating rink;
 efficient management of private rentals of the community building;
 strong financial management and a healthy reserve;
 an active committee advocating for improvements to local city parks;
 several popular family events through the year;
 an informative website and newsletter;
 a dedicated core of volunteers who help the above activities flourish.

We always need more volunteers who can help out at events, etc., and your help will definitely be welcome. Our greatest need at the moment, however, is for people willing to commit a significant effort on an ongoing basis, by joining the Board of Directors. Everyone is busy, and it may be that the Association is entering a stage where it will have to consolidate, carefully re-defining its priorities and perhaps limiting the scope of its activities. In any case, to guide this Association’s role in building a strong community, we will need a committed board, including new voices, as some of the older ones fade into the distance.

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