Community Meeting for 56 Capilano proposed mid rise infill project

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A community meeting is scheduled on 56 Capilano’s future development (where the curling rink is). This site “retains a “Community Leisure Facility” Zone (L1) Zoning“, but the developer wants to develop it for residential use (mid rise). Our concern is that yet another scarce piece of land destined for ‘leasure’ will be gone forever.

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Fisher Heights and Area Community Association AGM 2022

The Fisher Heights and Area Community Association takes places on Tuesday, September 20 at 7:30 pm, at our community building on 31 Sutton Place.

It wil be an in person meeting again, but we will ask you to wear a mask to prevent spreading and protect our seniors. Covid is not gone.

More information will follow in the next few weeks as we are preparing the documentation.

In order to vote, you will need to be a member in good standing and you need to have paid your dues. Members who paid since July 1 are automatically members until August 31, 2023, which is the date our book year ends.

Looking for several board members

We will be looking for several board members. Being a board member requires a commitment of attending approximately ten 90 minute board meetings a year as well as half an hour per week (at the most) to catch up on email and some participation in in our events obviously. Participating in a Community Association board is usually a great way to learn how community groups work. If you are interested to talk to us in advance, connect with us at

Lone Star Plaza meeting with Riley Brockington in park

Susan Paul informs us that there will be another meeting with Riley Brockington, this time in Lexington park…at Fisher/Malibu. Bring a chair.  Monday July 25 at 7pm, yes that is July 25.

He will respond to stuff brought up in first meeting, according to Susan, the lead contact person for the push back against the development as it is proposed. 

Online petition

If you have not signed the on line petition against the zoning proposals for Lone Star Plaza on Baseline and Fisher, here is your chance:

Not monitoring social media

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT FHACA IS NOT MONITORING SOCIAL MEDIA, WE ONLY USE IT TO GET THE WORD OUT. IF YOU LIKE TO HELP US OUT (WE ARE ALL BUSY AFTER ALL INCLUDING YOUR FHACA BOARD) PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING THE BOARD IN SEPTEMBER. We are looking for more people to follow developments, for people to run a park committee, for people to run a Halloween event (ideas welcome) and board members at large.

Kids Movie night

Our Kids movie night returns this year. Please follow our newsletter ( for updates.

1996 Carleton Heights secondary plan covers part of Fisher Heights

There was an error in the story regarding the proposed redevelopment of 780 Baseline Road, the so-called Lone Star Plasa.

The original story stated: “The current Official Plan allows buildings up to 30 storeys [on the site]; the new OP allows buildings up to 40 storeys.”

That sentence ignored the existence of a 1996 secondary plan for Carleton Heights. The story now reads:

The city claims that the current Official Plan allows buildings up to 30 storeys; the new OP allows buildings up to 40 storeys,

Secondary plan for Carleton Heights

However, a secondary plan for Carleton Heights (between Fisher and the Rideau Canal-River, south of Baseline), outlining detailed land uses, was approved in 1996. Before amalgamation in 2000, the Ottawa-Nepean border ran along the rear property lines of the houses on the west side of Fisher and the south side of Baseline. Hence part of the site was in Carleton Heights and was included in the secondary plan. This is the rationale behind the some what strange idea that land west of Fisher Ave falls under the Carleton Heights secondary plan.

The area was identified as a minor shopping area with residential of “medium” density, namely predominantly row housing from 150 to 248 persons per hectare, and apartment buildings from 248 to 300 persons per hectare, “subject to certain height restrictions.”

This designation extended along Baseline to Marson, the first intersection west of Farlane.

The project seeks to build 875 apartment units. Assuming for an example that each apartment will house 2 people, that density is 1,225 persons per hectare.

During preliminary discussions the city considered that this secondary plan applied to the project. Subsequently, however, according to the city planner on the file, Laurel McCreight, the city’s “Policy Team” determined that “an Official Plan Amendment [regarding the Carleton Heights secondary plan] is not required.”  That decision was “based on some text amendments to the Secondary Plan that is being carried over into the New OP. There is wording in the Secondary Plan that states that mid and high-rise buildings are permitted subject to an appropriate transition.  This transition must be demonstrated in the zoning by-law materials.”

Therefore, the city’s position is that the 30/40-storey height limits apply.

The correction will also be noted in the next issue of the newsletter.

June 25: Bike Celebration Day in Fisher Heights

Back by popualr demand after Covid: Fisher Heights & Area Bike Celebration Day: June 25.

Holly MacDonald has offered to organize not just a bike rodeo in June, but a Bike Celebration Day.

The weather has delayed the planning, but here are some of the activities and presentations we hope to offer on Sat June 25 from 9 to noon at the community building. The block of Sutton Place in front of Fisher Heights Community Place will be closed to through traffic for the event.

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Community Garage Sale in Fisher Heights & Area with 30 participants: June 18 at 9 am

Hi everyone,

After two years, our annual community garage sale is back. This Saturday from 9 am you can find your treasures at about 30 participants in the increasingly popular neighbourhood of Fisher Heights, located between Baseline and Meadowlands, Fisher and Merivale. From old shoes to new Tupperware, from an Italian bed to ceiling fans, there is bound to be something for you that you don’t have yet.

Although we don’t have an official end time, you don’t want to wait too long: by noon some of us are ready for a beer (hot chocolate looking at the weeather) and will pack up, while others wait for that very last blue crocheted baby hat to go.

It might be a bit cool in the morning so think of mittens and a hat; it is only nearly July after all. 🙂

Bring change

And the best thing is: no taxes! Bring cash: change is best, paying for a 25 cent tea cozy with a 20 dollars bill doesn’t really work at garage sales.

We know many people are champing at the bit at 6:20 am but don’t expect everything to be ready yet.

Mind your speed

Remember, this is a neighbourhood with young children, seniors, runners and people biking around; shoppers will be crossing the streets, so be careful if you drive through Fisher Heights. The speed limit is 40 kph, but slower is appreciated.

2022 Fisher Heights grage sale map as an PNG image

Below is the PDF version you can print out.

And here is the map on Google for you to zoom in on. Click on the top left icon for the addresses.

Development updates near us

Development updates in and around Fisher Heights, South of the Experimental Farm:

Note: these articles were published earlier in our newsletter that is delivered door to door in Fisher Heights. Some articles are slightly adjusted.

Residential listing hints at commercial use

A potential zoning issue is highlighted in the listing (as of May 28) offering for sale a house on Deer Park Road at the northwest corner of Meadowlands.

The house is the side split model common in the neighbourhood, built in 1961.

The asking price is $829,900 , but a reference in the listing states that its location, as a corner lot abutting Meadowlands, makes it “prime for future commercial zoning (to be verified).”

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