Snow Moles 2020

Snow Moles 2020

Once again the Ottawa Council on aging has an age-friendly winter walkability and pedestrian safety program that audits winter walking conditions for seniors and other valuable persons. It runs from January 1st to March 31st 2020. The FHACA walking group is taking part in this program.

Information is available at and residents can take part by walking with the group, walking with others or walking by yourself.

The questionnaire is available at the website and should be completed and submitted after walking. The results of the completed questionnaires  will be used to report walking conditions and inform the city of problems walkers encounter.

If you encounter something you consider dangerous you can report it on a questionnaire but also call the city at 311 for quick resolution. The 2019 snow mole report is available on the website.

If you want more information please call Jayne Belanger at 613 857 18 01 or

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Theft in the hood

A smashed car window

Recently we have been made aware of some not so nice activities. On Kayburn, off Farlane, a minivan was broken into. The driver’s window was smashed and some food was stolen from the vehicle.

Unfortunately a serious issue is the theft of packages from front porches. Recently a home owner on Trillium posted a clip in which we can see a large package being stolen from his front porch. In brought daylight no less. While amusing to watch, this is becoming a serious issue in the world of on line shopping. See the article and the clip on the Ottawa Citizen here. Sadly, instructions to leave a package in a certain place are not always followed up by the delivery person. (for example ‘deliver at side door’).

Screen capture from YouTube video showing a woman caught on camera taking an Amazon delivery from doorstep
Screen capture from YouTube video showing a woman caught on camera taking an Amazon delivery from doorstep

About a year ago, a number of cars on Sutton Place were broken into (not all cars were locked) and one car’s rear window was smashed. There is sometimes some suspicious activity (drugs?) going on in the parking lot at our community centre.

Our neighbourhood is generally a very safe neighbourhood, but things happen. Without becoming paranoid, it is always good to keep an eye on what is going on in your street.

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City Budget 2020 – Monday October 28, 2019

Councillors to consult with residents in advance of 2020 budget

A resident talks to Councillor Egli during a bicycle festival in Fisher Heights

Ottawa residents will have several opportunities in the coming weeks to inform the City’s draft 2020 budget. Starting on Tuesday, October 15, City Councillors have organized a series of multi-ward sessions where residents can share budget comments and provide input on priorities and potential savings.

City staff will consider the suggestions and ideas arising from these consultations as they develop the draft budget, which will be tabled at City Council on Wednesday, November 6.

The City has budget background information and resource materials to help you contribute to the conversation.Join councillor Keith Egli in the budget talk tonight, October 28. Unfortunately this means you will have to sit in traffic as the meeting start exactly at rush hour.

5:30 pm to 7 pm
Walter Baker Sports Centre – Food Court, 100 Malvern Drive, Barrhaven

  • Ward 3 – Barrhaven (Councillor Jan Harder)
  • Ward 9 – Knoxdale-Merivale (Councillor Keith Egli)
  • Ward 22 – Gloucester-South Nepean (Councillor Carol Anne Meehan)
A resident who clearly loves his game
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Update on recent shooting on Benson

While Benson is not in the Fisher Heights and Area, it is close enough to share with you this email update from Councillor Egli:

Benson runs between Inverness Ave and General Burns Park. The red dot indicates more or less where the shooting took place

Recent shooting on Benson St

From: Egli, Keith
Date: Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 1:07 PM
Subject: Community Update

Good afternoon,

If you are receiving this email it is because you have contacted my office about the recent shooting on Benson Avenue. This email is meant to serve as an update and consolidation of the information my office has so far.

Firstly, let me express my extreme concern around this event. This sort of incident should not be happening in Ottawa.

Secondly, I want to thank those of you that contacted the Ottawa Police Services (OPS) and provided assistance to them in the ongoing investigation.

I have been in dialogue with members of OPS and By-Law Services since early Sunday morning, including the Chiefs of both services. I have also had discussions with the Mayor’s Office.

Active investigation

The Police have an active investigation ongoing. Upon arrival, no victims were located although it appeared that a house party had been taking place as numerous people had fled the area. A short time later, two males, one of 19 and the other of 20 years old, presented themselves at 2 different Ottawa hospitals. Each suffering from gunshot wounds. One male is in critical but stable condition and the second male was treated and released. It is believed that both males were at the house party.

By-Law Services has been carrying out an investigation of this address for the last while and have compiled a package of evidence for consideration by the City of Ottawa’s Legal Department. The Legal Department carries out the prosecution. It is my understanding that charges are pending with regard to this address. Once again, thank you to all of you that have cooperated with the By-Law Officers.

It is also my understanding that the address is no longer listed on Air BnB.

Next steps

As for next steps, I will be doing the following. I will be urging By-Law Services and the Legal Department to move the prosecution forward. I will also be following up with Ottawa Police Services on their investigation into the shootings. I will provide updates as information becomes available.

Special meeting of the Community and Protective Services

I will continue to prepare for the special meeting of the Community and Protective Services Committee on November 15, 2019. This is a public meeting to consider potential changes on how we regulate short term rentals in Ottawa. This is a process I have been very supportive of as the Vice Chair of this Committee. I would urge those of you that are available, to attend this meeting and express your questions and feedback on this report which is estimated to be published on November 4, 2019. I will make sure you are all sent a copy when it is released.

Frustrating and time consuming

I know that the various processes that the City engages in with regard to investigations and prosecutions can be frustrating and time consuming; there are a number of factors that contribute this. Some are in the City’s control and some are governed by other levels of government, such as the Court system. I have arranged with OPS and By-Law for there to be one point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact information

The representatives and their contact information are as follows:

Ottawa Police Services: Constable Sherry Jordan

By-Law and Regulatory Services: Jake Gravelle

Of course, you can always contact my office; my staff and I will assist as much as we can.

I can assure you that I take this situation very seriously and it is my hope that with your assistance the City can create a more robust and responsive regulatory approach to short term rentals

Thank you,

Councillor Keith Egli

Elected Representative to Ward 9 Knoxdale-Merivale

110 Laurier Ave West

Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J1

Tel: 613.580.2479

Fax: 613.580.2519

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Rental Accommodations Study – Mise à jour concernant l’Étude sur les logements locatifs

La version française suit

Please be advised that the third consultation for the Rental Accommodations Study is now active.


These surveys will close on October 18.

If you have questions about the Rental Accommodations Study, please contact me at the information provided below.

Veuillez noter que la troisième consultation pour l’étude sur les logements locatifs est maintenant disponible en ligne.


Ce sondage sera disponible jusqu’au 18 octobre.

Si vous avez des questions à propos de l’Étude sur les logements locatifs, vous pouvez communiquer avec moi, aux coordonnées ci-après.

SIncerely, Cordialement,

Jerrod Riley
By-law Review Specialist | Spécialiste, Examen des règlements municipaux
Emergency and Protective Services / Services de protection et d’urgence
Tel / tél. : 613-580-2424, ext. / poste 13580

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Ottawa’s New Official Plan

The City is rewriting its Official Plan. That is the strategic document which describes how the city will grow over time, where we will place major infrastructure, and what policies will be in place to support economic growth. It is also a guide to the development and evolution of  our communities. Your FHACA board was recently invited for a preliminary introduction by city staff.

Liveable City

The purpose of this review is to position Ottawa to be flexible, resilient, and, above all, a city where people want to live, work, and play. This new plan will take us to the year 2046, but it also seeks to set the stage for the City and Region to reach a population of two to three million people. That is 2 to 3 times as many people as we have now.

5 Big Moves

The city wants to focus on five major statements, called the ‘5 Big Moves’. The city released a high level document with contributions from many city planners. It doesn’t mean that all those plans are implemented though, it is an overview what we could do to accommodate the growth in a responsible way. We are currently in a stage where the city does an inventory of what other cities do and what our residents want. In this document you can read about best practices in other cities in the world which our city could implement too.

What are those five big moves?

Growth: More growth inside the city rather than using valuable agricultural land for food production. Currently 50% of the housing is built through intensification, rather than building in green pastures. That is a very good number already. The city has changed zoning in order to build much higher near LRT stations for example.

Mobility: Make it easier for people to walk, bicycle and use public transport or a combination of these means of transportation, called ‘multi modal’. The city would like to see more than 50% of the trips done by these means of transportation in order to keep our motorized traffic flowing too.

Urban Design: better community design, respecting the village feel of the rural villages and building near transit stations. We can also consider more mixing of living and working.

Resiliency: Embed public health, environmental, climate and energy resiliency into the framework of our planning policies. One can think of places to temporarily store rainwater and add solar panels to large buildings. Also think of communities where nothing is further than a 15 minute walk and more tree canopies to provide shade.

Economy: Embed economic development into the framework of our planning policies such as further developing the airport.

Many best practice ideas

At this time, the plan is still very abstract with lots of ideas. It contains many best practices from other places in the world. City council will eventually vote on the actual plan, no doubt with lots of pushing and pulling by many stakeholders. If you want to read more, we recommend you read the 24 pages PDF file, which you can find here. Alternatively, you could go to a talk at the Ottawa Public Library Main Library downtown on October 8 at 7:30 pm. Here is more information on the talk by Alain Miquelez.

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Line Dancing: New activity at Fisher Heights Community Place

Line Dance Classes starting October 2

Join us for weekly line dance lessons … a fun way to get some exercise, make new friends, or just kick up your heels to great music organised by the Ottawa- Gatineau Goodwill Dancers.

  • New beginner-level dance taught every week
  • No previous dance experience required … step-by-step instruction provided
  • No need to pre-register … participation is on a “drop-in” basis. New students always welcome!


When: Wednesday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00, starting October 2, 2019
Where: Fisher Heights Community Place, 31 Sutton Place, Ottawa
Cost: $6.00 per class or 10 classes for $50.00

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