Outdoor Skating in Fisher Heights

2021 season

After a slow start, the winter has finally settled in. Our ice makers have been working hard to build the ice and we are happy to let you know the rink is open.

Puddle rink

New this year: we have built a new puddle rink for the little ones on the basketball court. This one is flatter and has a hard base and has low boards. The previous place had a slope and never really worked as well, so we hope this one will work better. NO hockey sticks, pucks or nets allowed on this ice surface at any time.

Due to COVID-19, there are a whole bunch of rules posted on the rink. Make sure you know the rules before you get a ticket. Be aware there are still some chunks of ice on the rink and the north west corner has quite some bumps.

We are aiming to have the lights on the rink on from 5:30 pm until 10:30 pm

Important to know for 2021

— rinks are unsupervised and the building is closed — no access to washrooms

— there is a bench provided instead to change

— the puddle rink is much improved, relocated onto the basketball court and bordered by a wood frame.

— until the city rules otherwise, there is NO HOCKEY etc on the rink, just skating. City requests users to be masked at all times.

— after large  snowfalls, the rinks will be cleared by the ice maker. After small snowfalls, there are shovels provided for users to clear the ice themselves.

— the ice maker will check the ice once a day to monitor its condition. If any questions, e-mail the association at info.fhaca@gmail.com.

About the rinks

Every winter, a group of dedicated community members build, maintain, and operate a boarded skating rink (and a small ‘puddle rink’ for beginning skaters) on the lawn behind the Fisher Heights Community Place at 31 Sutton Place. 

Ice time is scheduled to ensure that both hockey players and free skaters have a chance to enjoy the rink.  A change room and bathrooms are open in the community centre during the posted hours above (not in 2021!).

Many a night, a spirited game of shinny takes place with neighbourhood kids lacing up and enjoying the great ice surface. Young families come over and use the puddle rink to teach their children how to skate. One Saturday in January, over 100 cubs and their leaders enjoyed hockey, broom ball and other games at our rink.

Perhaps this season you will grab your stick and skates and head over to 31 Sutton Place to enjoy one of our neighbourhood’s special places. We look forward to seeing you!

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